Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Search for Marizela - Spread the Word

In my opinion, Michelle Malkin is one of the premier 'mainstream' conservative commentators, author, speaker, and blogger.  She founded 'Hot Air', one of the top conservative websites / blogs today.  We've seen her comment and guest host on Fox News in addition to taking on important issues in her books, 'Culture of Corruption', 'Invasion', 'In Defense of Internment', and 'Unhinged'.  In this last book, she details some of the vile actions, comments, and messages that the deranged left use - including the insults, racism, and misogyny personally directed at her. 

None of the hate towards Michelle is deserved.  We should be able to disagree on policies without having to resort to the abuse that Michelle and her family has received.

On her website, and in her syndicated column for this Thanksgiving Week, Michelle's Thanksgiving Note is both an appeal for continued assistance for the search for her missing cousin, Marizela, and a thanks to all of the people who have helped and shown support to Michelle's family.
On March 5, my 18-year-old cousin disappeared from her University of Washington campus in Seattle. Marizela Perez—5-foot-5, 110 pounds, short black hair with brown/red highlights and bangs cut into an asymmetrical bob, wearing a dark hooded jacket, jeans and light brown suede boots—was last seen at a Safeway grocery that fateful Saturday afternoon.

Marizela walked out the door and up Brooklyn Ave., and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Civil War historian Drew Gilpin Faust once described the “aching hearts” of families of the missing “in which the dread void of uncertainty” remains. In the first days and weeks after Marizela went missing, this feeling completely engulfed her parents, relatives and friends near and far.

How to express the inexpressible?
Read it all....please.

If you can - help in the search for Marizela.  Help spread the word about this missing young woman.  Visit and note the tip line number for information that may help in the search - 1-855-MARIZEL. 

Regardless of your viewpoint towards politics, political commentary or Michelle Malkin, this holiday season, put her, her family, and Marizela in your prayers.  I am.

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