Saturday, November 26, 2011

American Nomenklatura & Death of the Individual

Let's start with a definition -

[noh-muhn-klah-toor-uh] Show IPA
noun, plural -ras.  
a select list or class of people from which appointees for top-level government positions are drawn, especially from a Communist Party.

This class of people, in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc communist countries, were those who held key administrative people in all spheres of those countries' activity: government, industry, agriculture, education, whose positions were only via appointment and approval by the leadership of the communist party in each country or region.  Soviet academics who opposed the communist rule defined this as a new class or caste that were above those of the people or people's class.

However, as they say, times they are 'achanging' America's elites, and in particular the progressives of the Democrat Party and President Obama, are building, endorsing, and empowering an American Nomenklatura.

There are three real elements that are part of this American Nomenklatura -
  1. The media and the Democrats are joined at the hip and have created a 'hereditary celebrity' class.
  2. The political class views the taxpayers as cash cows to be milked for their own benefit and the benefit of their friends, children, and contributors.
  3. The SCOTUS action on the three Obamacare cases it granted certiori on might well encapsulate the principle that we citizens are, in fact, cash cows there for the federal government to milk.
There are far more examples than just these three elements as the author of that article contends.  President Obama appoints a hard left pro-Union activist to head the National Labor Relations Board and we see not only this little regulatory organization appoint itself as the arbitrator as to where a public company can establish it's manufacturing operations, but also break it's own rules of operation to ramrod new regulations into business that facilitate, simplify, and expedite the ability for Unions to expand their membership.

These are also the same Unions who represent the largest single special interest group actively involved in corrupting the American political system by flooding, to a vast majority of Democrats, hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions....contributions that represent the revenues from the dues they collect from their members.  Union members aren't consulted as to whom the leadership should donate their funds towards - the leadership gives to Democrats who then use taxpayer funds to promote generating additional members and dues going into the Union leadership coffers.

Our airways are flooded with the appeals, demands, and stories that the system is 'unfair' and the 'people' are suffering.  Between the mainstream media's intellectually bankrupt comparisons of the OccupyWallStreet movement towards the Tea Party Movement (advocating limited government, lower taxes, promoting the individual as opposed to the collective), we are being indoctrinated that it is our responsibility to promote and accept additional revenues to the Government in order to cover their ability to lock even more Americans into a cycle of dependency on the government.

This collective, progressive, hard left mindset is the complete opposite of not only the values endorsed by the Tea Party Movement, but also traditional American values related to limited government, limited taxation, individual rights as well as individual accountability and responsibility.  This represents an assault that is intended to destroy these values and the individual...
Today it is a movement endorsed by unhinged academics, ignorant politicians, left-wing sansculottes, self-esteeming students, union syndicalists, Muslim radicals, and metrotextual intellectuals who mistake a millenarian rhapsody of uniform contentment and enforced equality for the real world of inevitable differences in talent, drive, intelligence, character, and accomplishment.
In the words of historian Bruce Thornton from Decline and Fall, it signals the arrival of “collective man, the implacable enemy of the individual soul,” whoring after the “dolce vita lifestyle” and the “Utopian dream of absolute equality brought about by government planning and technocratic control.”
We see it happening all around us, for example in the metastasizing Occupy Wall Street movement. As culture critic Andrew Klavan remarks apropos the OWS hordes, the protesters have taken to wearing the Guy Fawkes mask from the film V for Vendetta which “envisions a world in which all people will come together as one to support acts of terrorism against free institutions.” This “signature mask” removes them “from every trace of individuality.”
Babbling their mantra of “social justice,” the redistribution of other people’s income, and across-the-board “equality” regardless of merit or input, these denizens of squalor raise the torch not of freedom and individual rights but of cultural combustion and anonymous samehood.

This is the 'fundamental change' that President Obama promised to enact on this country just 5 days prior to Election Day, November 2008.  This is the environment that he fostered.  We have an Executive Branch that not only views itself as outside the purview of Congressional accountability, but one that actively works to subvert Congress whenever it cannot get its way via the legislative process.  This is also the President who in an action without precedent, dishonestly censures and castigates the Supreme Court of the United States during a State of the Union speech because they ruled in a manner which worked against his creation of the new Nomenklatura.

Alexis de Tocqueville noted that 'The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.'  We are clearly at that point today.  The progressive embracement of bigger government and the creation of the new Nomenklatura is not just happening in Congress either - it's being facilitated by the current President and his control of the Executive Branch.  It is also being facilitated by the establishment of the GOP which for the most part is doing very little to stop the empowerment and growth of government at the expense of the American people.

Between 2000 and 2008, the Federal debt increased by an amount that almost exceeded that level of debt created since the Presidency of George Washington.  Efforts to reverse this trend were fought by not only the progressives of the Democrats, but the 'moderates' of the GOP.  Between 2009 and today, this Administration has increased the Federal debt by an amount that exceeded that of 2000 to 2008.  Our government is spending about $1 trillion more per year than it did in 2008 and we are averaging a $1.5 trillion annual deficit.  We cannot agree to cut this by $1.2 trillion over a 10 year timeframe - the same timeframe that we are projected to spend a total of $40 trillion.

Our national debt is effectively equal to the total value of every good and service that is produced in this country in one year.  In Europe, countries that have spent decades embracing progressivism / socialism and establishing their own Nomenklatura are facing default and bankruptcy because the level of their debt to their GDP is in the 125% - 150% range.  In this country, unless we make major changes in direction, we will be at this point in less than a decade - perhaps as soon as 5 years hence.  We might even now be past the point of no return because the pain to change this course may be more than the majority of American's are willing to which point, the 47% who are in the bosom of the government will find themselves in the same straits as the rest of us.

Regardless of the pain, of the challenges, it is imperative - not only to ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren, but to the rest of the world, that we make this change now.  American values and the growth of the American Republic are unique in the history of the world - and this country remains a beacon to others despite the efforts of those inside this country to 'fundamentally change' it.  We have to return to embracing these values if we are to see the tricentennial of this country.

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