Friday, November 25, 2011

Quick Hits - November 25, 2011

Black Friday is well is the chaos of the day....

In nearby Porter Ranch, California, a mother with 3 kids pepper sprayed other shoppers in the WalMart store in order to gain a 'competitive advantage' to get a Xbox 360 video system.  20 people were affected by the pepper spray and treated at the store.  The mother escaped and is being sought by the police.  Chaos...
Lopez said that by the time he arrived at the video games, the display had been torn down. Employees attempted to hold back the scrum of shoppers and pick up merchandise even as customers trampled the video games and DVDs strewn on the floor.

"It was absolutely crazy," he said.

Another customer said screams erupted after about 100 people waiting in line to snag Xbox gaming consoles and Wii video games got into a shoving match.
 Unbelievable.  I gave up shopping in stores on Black Friday nearly 15 years ago - too many loons, too many people with excessive self-entitlement, greed, and a complete lack of manners and consideration towards others.

Moving from the chaos of Black Friday to the OccupyWallStreet movement, we've got quote a rundown of the latest OWS excesses .....

  OccupyOakland clashed again with police Thursday night, but the latest are reports that a gay porn movie was reportedly filmed at OccupyOakland...

   OccupySantaAna (CA) sent demonstrators to disrupt / flash mob the local Macy's department store as they opened for Black Friday...

   A Seattle OWS protester who has accused 2 Seattle PD officers for causing her to miscarry has apparently lied about the miscarriage and is facing additional challenges as it is reported that she tried to lure 2 small children to her car...

   The leader of the OccupyMiami movement has an interesting December 2008 he led a pro-Palestinian rally in the Miami area that called for not only the extermination of Israel, but for the extermination of Jews....leading the chant for the Jews to 'Go Back to the Ovens'. 

In Egypt, massive protests are expected for today against the Military government by Islamists and 'pro-Democracy' supporters who are all for enabling the Muslim Brotherhood to gain control of the Egyptian government.  When this happens, will Egypt end it's peace treaty with Israel?  Will the US continue to pay $2B annually to Egypt if it does end the peace treaty?

The descent of the National Labor Relations Board from independent referee to a wholly owned AFL-CIO subsidiary is speeding up. Now its two Democratic appointees are attempting to ram through a new rule requiring quickie organizing elections, with barely any notice and little consultation with its sole GOP member.  
Once a sleepy, ostensibly independent agency, the NLRB has become the point of the spear for Democratic labor policy since Republicans took the House last year. Earlier this year its general counsel sued to block Boeing from making its planes at a new plant in South Carolina, a case that is still proceeding and could kill thousands of jobs.

Now Chairman Mark Pearce, an Obama appointee, says he'll hold a vote next Wednesday on rules to shorten the time frame for union elections. The fire drill is intended to approve the union-favored plan before the recess appointment of the board's other Democrat expires and they lose their quorum.
The sole Republican member of the NLRB is raising the hackles of Unions and Democrats by threatening to resign from the Board if the Chairman continues down this path.  His resignation would eliminate the quorum that is needed by the Board to take action.  Interesting how this past winter the 'fleebaggers' of Wisconsin were the Democrats and heroes of the Unions, but when a Republican threatens to do the same, he is vilified.

At this site, there is an interesting article asking about what links California's AB32 Legislation and the California High Speed Rail Network?  The answer - years of lies and deceit about the costs to the public by California government officials.  AB32 is California's Cap and Trade legislation that is now law.  It was promised to address 'global warming', create jobs in California, improve our national security by decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, and have no real impact on Californians.  In reality, costs are going to increase by billions for residents and businesses, it will cost jobs as businesses become less competitive and have yet another reason to relocate out of state, do nothing regarding national security, and have a major negative impact on Californians.  Ditto for the High Speed rail farce that I've written about before.

In other news - The Russian news anchor, Tatiana Limanova, who who linked with giving President Obama the finger during a news broadcast in Russia, has been fired by her station for 'unprofessional' and 'unacceptable' behavior.  The channel said that the gesture was not meant towards the President, but instead was directed at studio personnel.  More info here....

GOP Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachmann received a personal letter of apology from the NBC Vice President of Late Night Programming for the actions of the band on the Jimmy Fallon talk-show which played the song 'Lying Ass Bitch' as Bachmann was introduced as a guest and walked to speak with Jimmy Fallon.  In the letter, the VP said the band was 'severely reprimanded'.  Bachmann accepted the apology, but it's reported that she is disappointed that the letter did not from from the network's President.

Wrapping up today, this link is why I no longer choose to post on or follow the once influential blog, LittleGreenFootballs....the narcissism (and hypocrisy) of Charles Johnson.

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