Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quick Hits - November 2, 2011

#OccupyWallStreet....more info around the astroturfed movement...

#OccupyWallStreet Exposed - excellent summary site exposing the agenda of #OWS

OWS Protester talks about assaults that are taking place inside the camp...

Are the #OWS protesters looking for a 21st century Kent State?  Their actions related to the injured former Marine in Oakland make it appear so.  Forgotten is the violence of that crowd attacking the police lines - with debris, rocks, bottles filled with paint, urine, and  other substances, in addition to M80 fireworks being tossed at the OPD blocking the protesters from re-occupying the plaza outside Oakland's City Hall.

Speaking of Oakland - and the challenges the progressive Oakland Mayor is facing between her obligation to uphold law and order and her ideological support of the Marxists in OccupyOakland....The Oakland Police Union writes an open letter to the Oakland Mayor - Why are you encouraging city employees to join the Occupy movement?

Colorado voters reject statewide tax increases – Prop 103 called for increases in state income taxes and sales taxes by $3B.    Leftists and unions campaigned for increase saying failure to do so would gut Colorado’s education capabilities and services…even as per pupil spending in Colorado increased 24% since 1999.  Once again voters reject union demagoguery and support fiscal sanity.

Operation Fast and Furious is the DoJ program that resulted in over 2,000 assault and sniper rifles being purchased in the US and delivered to Mexican drug cartels - who then used those weapons to murder hundreds of Mexican's in addition to several American Border agents.  The Administration has tried to use the argument that gun smuggling from the US to Mexico adds to the violence there and calls for the need of greater gun controls in the US....while not detailing the fact that the Administration conducted the gun smuggling to create the argument.  Assistant Attorney General attempts, but fails, to take pressure off Attorney General Eric Holder regarding Fast and Furious program.

The Asst. Attorney General, however, remains consistent in promoting the gun control strawman argument...Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer blames 2nd Amendment for ATF / DoJ Gunwalking mistakes...

Breuer declared that nearly 70 percent of guns found in Mexico come from the United States, a figure that has been disproven by the National Rifle Association,, PolitiFact and by Senator Charles Grassley’s office multiple times. Also during testimony, Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein pushed for more gun control and Breuer expressed his agreement with her statements that American gun laws are too “lax” and therefore result it more violent crime.

Big Peace World View 2 November, 2011 – Euro in Crisis again, foreign central banks no longer buying US Treasuries...

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