Monday, November 7, 2011

Quick Hits - November 7, 2011

Busy Monday for Quick Hits, with a number of stories jumping out around two major themes.  Also presented will be a couple of snippets to "cleanse" the palate.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) releases a disturbing report on the Iranian efforts to become the latest member of the nuclear weapons club.  The report says that foreign expertise, brought by the usual nation states of Russia, Pakistan, and North Korea, has brought Iran to the threshold of nuclear capability.

“…IAEA officials, based on the totality of the evidence given to them, have concluded that Iran “has sufficient information to design and produce a workable implosion nuclear device” using highly enriched uranium as its fissile core. In the presentation, he described intelligence that points to a formalized and rigorous process for gaining all the necessary skills for weapons-building, using native talent as well as a generous helping of foreign expertise.”

Israeli paper, Harretz, is reporting that Iran is in the final stages of their development effort and can have their first weapons effectively any day now.  The question remains if Iran will test their design or if they will wait in an effort to try to keep the world guessing.  Reports last week indicated that Israel was seriously considering a military strike against Iran in an effort to disrupt these final stages.  However, based on these reports, Russia sounded off to let anyone interested know that it believed a military strike on Iran would be a 'very serious mistake'.

Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice says that the US should 'be doing everything we can to bring it down' referring to the Iranian Government.  The Obama Administration has been extremely reluctant to confront the Iranian regime.  In the wake of the disputed election results of 2009, hundreds of thousands of Iranians took to the streets to protest Iranian President Ahmadinejad's reelection.  They were faced by armed supporters of the regime who killed thousands of those protesting.  The Administration refused to take advantage of this turmoil or denounce the election or Iranian leadership, missing a major opportunity to influence real fundamental change with one on of the most active state sponsors of terrorism.

Contrasting to Secretary Rice's strong words, the cranky curmudgeon, Ron Paul told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that he believed the best course of action for the US to take would be to remove all sanctions on Iran to get it to act differently.  I'm starting to think that Ron Paul would seriously eliminate the Dept of Defense and replace it with the Department of Peace led by Dennis Kucininch if he was ever elected President.

Shifting more towards some political discussion, a deal was made in Greece to form a coalition government tasked to approve of Greece's responsibilities towards the latest Eurozone bailout of the functionally bankrupt nation.  Current Prime Minister George Papandreou is expected to resign today as part of that deal.  New elections are planned for February 2012.

Gloria Allred, the California attorney who brought forward an illegal immigrant to torpedo Meg Whitman's 2010 campaign for Governor of California has called a press conference for Monday afternoon to introduce another woman alleging sexual harassment by GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain.  Allred is a regular performer when it comes to conducting political hit jobs - in addition to the Whitman smear, she also represented and made smears of sexual harassment towards Arnold Schwarenegger when he first ran for Governor.  Anyone recall the comments or actions by Allred towards Bill Clinton over Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, or Monica Lewinsky?

Last Friday night at the Americans for Prosperity conference in Washington DC, former NYC Mayor gave a speech where he made a strong and forceful case that Obama owns the #Occupy Wall Street movement and all of the violence, mayhem, and statism that they support.

This picture seems to cover the vapidity that is far too commonplace with the Occupy participants.

Do you think this person should have taken at least a few minutes before deciding to plunk down nearly $100,000 on a BA in Hispanic Transgender Gay and Lesbian Studies about what and how many job options she had upon graduation with that degree?  Personal accountability and responsibility is not a strong value with these pinheads.

Former Obama Administration 'Green Jobs' Czar, 9/11 truther, and admitted Communist, Van Jones is acting as if he is one of the 'owners' and philosophical leaders of the Occupy movement.  Back in October 2011, while appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher, Jones told the audience that we need to be proud of and supportive of the Occupy Wall Street movement....even as they riot, rape, sell / take drugs, rob and assualt fellow protesters, and even as they defecate on police cars, in banks, and in St. Paul's Cathedral.  After all Occupy Wall Street is just like the Tea Party except for the protesters who are paid to participate - paid for by hard left advocacy groups, George Soros, and America's largest and wealthiest unions, and then riot, rape, defecate where they shouldn't, etc.

Speaking of wealth - the supposed target of OWS continues to be the 1%, like Jon Corzine who just bankrupted his investment bank via risky bets on Eurozone bonds and still can't account for over $600 million of client funds.  Investor's Business Daily has a news article based on an analysis of US Census data that shows that the income inequality OWS rails against rose under President's Clinton and Obama and fell under President Bush.

The wealthiest 5% of U.S. households saw incomes fall 7% after inflation in Bush’s eight years in office, according to an IBD analysis of Census Bureau data. A widely used household income inequality measure, the Gini index, was essentially flat over that span. Another inequality gauge, the Theil index, showed a decline.

In contrast, the Gini index rose — slightly — in Obama’s first two years. Another Census measure of inequality shows it’s climbed 5.7% since he took office.

Meanwhile, during Clinton’s eight years, the wealthiest 5% of American households saw their incomes jump 45% vs. 26% under Reagan. The Gini index shot up 6.7% under Clinton, more than any other president since 1980.

As they say, facts are stubborn things when faced with the emotion of the OccupyWallStreet astroturfers.

Wrapping up today's Quick Hits, we have our daily link to Big Peace's World View 7 November 2011 which highlights applying the 'Kick the Can Principle' to the Deficit Reduction Supercommittee and noting that the Supercommittee faces the same problems as Greece and Italy are currently facing.  Shouldn't that be more accurately stated as the US is facing the same problems as Greece and Italy?  Haven't we been saying that for awhile now?

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