Monday, November 21, 2011

OccupyWallStreet Movement Like Tea Party? Not Hardly

Remember this?  President Barack Obama saying that Occupy Wall Street is 'not that different' from the Tea Party Protests?

JammieWearingFool brings us the latest update from the Occupy London movement - which is not only camping outside St. Paul's Cathedral, but also defecating inside St. Paul's Cathedral. 

We've had cases of Occupy protesters urinating and defecating on police cars, inside banks, and openly on the streets with no thought, consideration, or respect shown.  Now a Cathedral is their latrine.

Read JWF's link for the full story and link back to the original Daily Mail news article about the degenerates that comprise Occupy London....

Meanwhile, the City of London, is proceeding with their legal action to evict the degenerates from the plaza outside St. Paul's.  Eviction notices were served last week. 

This court case is similar in principle to the one decided in NYC where the rights of the City and the private owners of Zuccotti Park superseded the 'rights' of the demonstrators to occupy and trash the park.  In Toronto, Canada, a Superior Court Judge has also ruled that the Occupy Toronto demonstrators must leave St. James Park where they have been camping for more than a month. Their 'rights' also do not supersede the right's of others.

Not only is this an union / marxist / communist / anarchist astroturf movement - it is the 'Mirror Mirror' - opposite of the Tea Party Movement. To link these two as being fundamentally similar is intellectually bankrupt.

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