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Quick Hits - November 12, 2011

We kick off today's Quick Hits with an example of Media Bias....

Today, The Hill has a story around tonight's GOP Presidential Primary debate that is going to take place in South Carolina (8PM EST, CBS TV and that links the GOP to one of the controversial actions taken by the South Carolina State Government - flying the Confederate Battle Flag (Stars and Bars).  Their lede - Confederate Flag hangs over South Carolina GOP primary....

The article basically seeks to link the GOP Presidential Primary candidates to the decision to fly the Confederate Battle Flag - and effectively plant the charge that the GOP candidates, and their supporters, are racists if they do not stand against the state's decision to display the Confederate Battle Flag.

What is not mentioned at any point in the article, which includes the usual race baiting by Democrats and the NAACP, is that the South Carolina Governor who championed the decision in 1962 to have the State fly the Confederate Battle Flag was none other than Democrat Fritz Hollings - who later served nearly four decades as a Democrat Senator representing South Carolina.  This is nothing more than the usual revisionist history of the Democrats to point towards the GOP as being the genesis of the KKK or Jim Crow / Segregation.  Non-revisionist history points to the Democrat Party as being the party of the KKK and Segregation.

Shifting slightly from mainstream media bias to outright hypocrisy, Newsbusters has a report / video of DNC Chair (and US Congresswoman) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz demanding that Herman Cain needs to release all materials and documentation regarding the accusations of sexual harassment against him in order to prove his innocence of the charges as he asserts.  She also castigated Herman Cain for calling the former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, "Princess Nancy" during the debate in Michigan Wednesday evening.   How interesting.  Did Wasserman-Schultz forget her own position this past June regarding Congressman Anthony Weiner and his tweeting of leud self portraits?  According to Wasserman-Schultz those actions were a private affair of Weiner's and he didn't need to share or prove anything with the public.

Big Government has a good post that examines the effects and lessons from last Tuesday's election in Ohio where Big Labor worked (and spent) to overturn the law which limited public sector union's ability to use collective bargaining and require union members to pay more (but still less than private sector workers pay) towards their health insurance and pensions.  The model - flood money, leverage special interests, and then lie, intimidate, and scare the hell out of the voter.  They project this is the new model for the Democrat 2012 campaign at all levels.

Mark Steyn has an excellent column this week slamming the Congressional Supercommittee - which is seeking spending savings by adding to the deficit...."They're the new superhero group of superfriends from the super-Congress who are going to save America from plummeting over the cliff..."

Speaking of plummeting over the cliff, there's lots of news coming from the Eurozone about the EU, Italy, Greece, and France.....all of which are on the edge of the precipice and seeking, well, no not real solutions, but ways to kick that can down the road for another few years....

The Economist notes that Europe is staring into the abyss and faces many roads towards fiscal disaster.  The prognosis for the European Union is not particularly good.  Are we close to the NHS style notation of 'Do Not Resuscitate" being placed on Greece, Italy, or even the entire concept of the European Union and Euro?  For some, the collapse of the European Union is only a matter of time.

As we watch this train wreck in progress, we need to remember that there are many lessons for us to learn from the European experience.  This is even more important as the policies of the Obama Administration and the progressives are to take this country down the same path as Europe.  Much of this is related to the Administrations embracing of public sector unions, welfare statism, and the entitlement mentality.  It's ironic, with Europe at the abyss, that the Occupy movement's complaint with the Obama Administration is that the Administration hasn't been embracing statism and entitlements fast or far enough.

Jon Corzine, the former democrat Governor of New Jersey, the former democrat Senator from New Jersey, and former Chairman of Goldman Sachs, is a hated man in MF Global.  MF Global is the investment bank that failed last week because of the very large and risky bet that Corzine made on Eurobonds.  After the failure, it was found that about $600 million in client funds cannot be located as the firm commingled company and client funds while making its bets.  Friday, the firm fired all 1,066 of its workers without any severance or benefits.  But let's not be too hard on the multi-millionaire Corzine...he did announce he would not take his $12m severance package.

Big Peace's World View for November 11, 2011 and Novemeber 12, 2011 are at these links.  The first talks about a two-speed / two tier Europe and the latter highlights the new Greek Prime Minister's promise to keep Greece in the European Union.  Italy's PM Berlusconi is slated to resign today as Italy's parliament passed the austerity measures the EU required of Italy.

Wrapping up today's Quick Hits, I want to tip hat to another blogger from my days at LGF who started his own blog, Lawhawk and his Blog - A Blog for All.  One of the best regular posts that he provides is the series on the Rebuilding of Ground Zero.  I highly recommend both these posts and Lawhawk's blog.

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