Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quick Hits - November 5, 2011 UPDATED

The White House firmly rebuffs the House subpoena which is requesting all documentation from the WH concerning their engagement with the DoE and company officials / lobbyists for the failed solar company Solyndra.  House oversight committees believe that the WH was unduly involved with the deals to provide Solyndra with $537 million in taxpayer funds and illegally approved the restructuring on the company's debt to place taxpayers behind friends of the Administration as creditors of the failed company.

WH says that this is nothing more than a fishing expedition and purely partisan as the vote to issue the subpoena's were done by party line.  Quite 'Nixonian' for an Administration that promised to be the most open and transparent - and fits right in with their other efforts to cover-up wrong doing.

Speaking of covering-up wrong doing, Attorney General Eric Holder still has a major gun problem.  However, this one is not related to the active cover-up by the AG and the DoJ towards the 'Fast and Furious' gunrunning program which provided thousands of assault and sniper rifles to Mexican drug cartels, but with the AG's continued agenda towards reforming and increasing gun controls in the US.  One of the suspected purposes behind 'Fast and Furious' was to create a condition to justify the demands for additional gun controls.

Continuing the meme of an overreaching Executive Branch (which is incredibly ironic given the whinging from the Democrats during the Bush Administration for their supposed 'imperial' actions), Vice President Joe Biden hails and threatens the expanded use of Executive authority and Executive Orders to bypass Congress because the GOP majority in the House of Representatives still refuses to embrace the Administration's defintion of compromise. 

Of course, for the Administration, compromise occurs when the GOP surrenders on their principles and values and sign on to fully support those of the Administration.

Newbusters has an interesting analysis that reflects the liberal bias of the media when it comes to the accusations against GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain....They have discovered that CNN has run more stories on the Cain 'scandal' in 6 days than CNN did on Barack Obama's ties to former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers,  convicted felon Tony Rezko, and racist anti-semitic anti-American preacher Jerimiah Wright.  I think that may be today's Captain Louis Renault's 'I'm shocked' award winner.  If it's a slow news day, there will be more of these stories focusing on other elements of the 'Fourth Estate'.

Reporting on the world of OccupyWallStreet, a OWS protester in New York City was arrested after throwing a violent / destructive fit in a Financial District McDonalds when the fast food restaurant employees refused to give him free food.  Also in NYC, in an effort to reduce the number of sexual assaults taking place in Zurcotti Park, organizers have put up a women-only tent to provide women with 'sanctuary'.

Elsewhere with OWS, a 'peaceful' protester from Occupy Fort Collins was arrested by police and charged with starting a $10M arson blaze.  In Oakland, California, where some of the worst violence has been seen commited by the OWS pinheads, the equally clueless Mayor praised the Occupy Oakland protesters despite the fact that the riot earlier this week cost the city at least $1M.

UPDATE:  From JammieWearingFool, the protester arrested and charged with arson from Occupy Fort Collins is a Paulian - a supporter of Ron Paul.  Visit JammieWearingFool via the link for more details.  Update 11/5/11 6:14pm

Two companies, Mens Wearhouse and Whole Foods, suffered damage to stores during the November 2nd riot / march / strike by OccupyOakland.  This despite both companies attempting to appease the Occupy protesters by voicing their support for the Occupy movement.  Hoping that the croc will eat you last isn't a solution....if the croc isn't stopped, you still get eaten.

Columnist to the World, Mark Steyn says that the Occupiers are part of the grand alliance against the productive in society...

One of the 'symbols' of the OWS movement is the Guy Fawkes mask.  Guy Fawkes was the pro-Catholic terrorist who plotted on November 5, 1605 to blow up Britain's Parliament, killing the King, and the majority of Britain's upper class, in order to establish a Catholic theocratic monarchy.  It's renewed popularity comes from a movie, V for Vendetta, about a hero (not a terrorist) fighting against a fascist regime.  What would have happened if Fawkes succeeded in 1605?  The World might not be what it is today...and not for the better.

On the inane rantings front, there is the deranged conspiracy nutter, Jesse Ventura, who is upset that his lawsuit against the TSA was thrown out of court.  Ventura says he can't stand the 'Fascist States of America', will no longer honor the National Anthem, and desires Mexican citizenship so he can spend more time in Mexico.  Damn, that's far more attention than this irrelevant nutjob deserves.

Wrapping up today's Quick Hits post is Big Peace's World View for 5 November 2011.  Highlights from this report include the G20 Summit ending in failure, Italy being placed under IMF monitoring (the next shoe to drop), Israel intercepts the latest 'Freedom Flotilla' attempting bypass the blockade on Gaza, Britain (and France) to abstain on any United Nations Security Council vote on Palestinian statehood, and Iran's nuclear threat.

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