Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Outrage?

How interested are you in history?

Do you understand and learn from history?  Do you see things from past history today and become concerned?

If not you should.

The country of Turkey is a member of NATO.  They are supposed to be friends of the US and Western Civilization. 

Actions speak far louder than words.

The Hagia Sofia of Nicaea, the meeting place of the Seventh Ecumenical Council in the year 787, was recently declared a mosque by the Turkish government. 

(Hat Tip - Gateway Pundit)
During the conquest of Islam, in the 8th through 16th centuries (from the Holy Lands to Spain to Constantiople to Vienna), Islamic conquerors took the icons and centers of those areas conquered and made them into Islamic holy sites.

The recent kerfuffle over the concept of a Mosque / Islamic Cultural Center just a couple of blocks north of Ground Zero is representative of the history of Islam trying to subvert and take over traditional rallying points of their opponents - a sign of their victory.  The organizers named this place - Cordoba House.  Cordoba is the symbolic point of the Islamic conquest of Spain where they took the Cathedral and converted it to a Mosque to celebrate their victory over the Spanish.  The modern Cordoba House is intended to commemorate the victory over the 'infidels' that took place during the attack of 9/11/01.

The announcement in Turkey to take a traditional and historic Christian location and convert it to a Mosque is nothing less than a major provocation by the Islamic fundamentalists who have declared war on us.  That the Turkish government was an active party in this reflects just how far that government has moved.  If I were in the State Department, I would seriously recommend taking adverse actions against Turkey.  This is not an action of a friend or an ally.

Radical Islamists, ranging from al Qaeda to Hamas to Hizbollah to the Islamic Republic of Iran have declared war on us and Western Civilization.  We cannot be so naive as to ignore these declarations of war or to appease these actions.  Confrontation is never to be sought- but to ignore it when it is brought to us is to only surrender to these forces and set ourselves on the path to becoming dhimmi's.

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