Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quick Hits - November 9, 2011

After Herman Cain threw down the gauntlet toward his accusers in a press conference yesterday afternoon, the accusers are starting to fire back.  Joel Bennett, the attorney for Karen Kraushaar, one of the accusers of Cain who worked at the National Restaurant Association, announced this morning that he is working with media circus ringmaster Gloria Allred to organize a press conference to highlight as many accusers as possible against Mr. Cain.

Also uncovered, that in late 2002 or early 2003, about 3 years after her complaint against Herman Cain, Kraushaar also filed a complaint against her employer at that time, the Immigration and Naturalization Service complaining of unfair treatment and that a manager circulated a sexually charged email.  She demanded compensation of tens of thousands of dollars, promotion, school grant, and other benefits.  The INS handled the matter internally as a personnel matter which sounds similar to how the National Restaurant Association handled her earlier complaint.

How does this revelation affect her credibility?

Shifting to Election Day results, voters in Mississippi rejected a pro-life amendment that would have defined life as commencing at the moment of conception.

In Ohio, after a $30 million media blitz and significant spin, Unions won their effort to overturn SB5, the law passed earlier this year to address Ohio's financial challenges by eliminating collective bargaining rights for Ohio's public sector unions.  The pro-SB5 forces only raised / spent about $6 million.  With this vote, Ohio has decided to embrace California and Greece and sees it's fiscal situation thrown back into crisis mode.  However, this major union win didn't have any coattails when it came to the other major voter's proposition.  Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved the proposition which rejects the individual mandate provision of Obamacare.

Referencing fiscal crisis, the attention of the EuroZone and many are settling on Italy which yesterday hit the threshold that forced Greece and Portugal to seek bailouts from the EU - the yields on their 10-year bonds rise above 7%.  Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi has offered to resign from his position if the Italian parliament approves the Euro reforms being asked of Italy.  Despite these steps, it is clear that an Italian default is as inevitable as a Greek default.  The future of the EU remains very much in question.

Attorney General Eric Holder testified in front of a Senate Committee yesterday regarding the scandal based around the DoJ Fast and Furious program which had the ATF facilitate the delivery of weapons to criminal elements in the US and Mexican Drug Cartels.  Over 2,000 weapons were provided, 1,000+ remain unaccounted for, and over 200 deaths, including those of 2 US officers, are attributed to the weapons provided under this program.

Holder, under fire for untruthfulness in previous testimony as well as the DoJ cover up related to this program, continued to point the finger of blame elsewhere - including at Congress while denying he received or read the dozens of memos addressed to him about this program.  He also continued to use the program as a strawman to justify and call for increased gun controls.  In this call he was joined by a number of Democrats on the hearing committee.  His story continues to change and evolve with the only clear item coming out is that he, and the DoJ, remain in full cover-up mode and deny responsibility for the program.

Hot Air reports that the former US Attorney from Phoeniz, where Fast and Furious was run from, has admitted that he leaked documents with the intent to smear and damage the reputation of the ATF whistleblower who exposed the Fast and Furious gunrunning program.  This DoJ is looking more and more Nixonian every day.

The Occupy Wall Street movement continues to demonstrate how different and reprehensible it is from the Tea Party Movement.  In Manhattan, near Zuccotti Park, a business owner reports on how their business and employees have been terrorized by OWS protesters.  In San Diego several street cart vendors were forced to close their businesses after OWS protesters splattered them with blood and urine after the vendors stopped providing the protesters with free food and drink.

The Penn State scandal around sexual abuse of children which involve the former Defensive Coordinator of the Penn State football team is one of the more sordid stories active today.  Information indicates that officials at Penn State around the football program knew of the abuse but did not inform the authorities.  The Athletic Director has already resigned over this, and iconic football coach, Joe Paterno who has led the Nittany Lions for 46 years, has announced that he intends to retire at the end of the season.  Given that he has apparently known of the abuse as well, this is far from acceptable.  Despite his record and accomplishments, he needs to resign immediately.

Wrapping up today's quick hits are the Big Peace World View for November 8th (Is this the end game for the Euro?) and for November 9th (Will IAEA report lead to more sanctions / military action against Iran?).  For those interested, here's the IAEA report on Iran.

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