Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quick Hits - November 22, 2011

Tonight, at 8PM Eastern, CNN is co-hosting with the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute a GOP Presidential Primary Debate focusing on Foreign Policy and National Security. 

With the failure of the Supercommittee and 50% of the automated spending reductions targeting the Department of Defense / National Security, this should be a very interesting debate.  Here's a preview towards some of the key issues.

In addition to the debate around funding the DoD, other major National Security interests are going to be featured.  I suspect that the issue of Iran's nuclear proliferation will be raised along with the challenges with partnering or depending on the United Nations to address these types of actions.   Related to this are the ongoing issues with the Middle East as a regional security concern. 

In Egypt, the situation remains very fluid and very violent after 4 days of additional riots.  Today's World View has an early analysis of the situation where Islamists are demanding an end to the current Military rule of Egypt and accelerated elections - elections where the Muslim Brotherhood is widely expected to do very well in.  The chaos has resulted dozens of deaths.  Civilian members of the current Egyptian Cabinet are resigning, and the Egyptian Military is taking full control of the government.  The Head of Egypt's governing military council Field Marshall Tantawi has pledged to the Egyptian people that power will be transferred to a civilian government by July 2012

Yesterday, we did a post on the latest actions by the OccupyWallStreet demonstrators - that the OccupyLondon protesters are using St. Paul's Cathedral's public spaces as their latrine.  One would expect with the violence, crime, drug use, and other odious actions by the degenerates who call themselves members of the Occupy movement, sane public officials would look at these steps and distance themselves from it.  Nope.  President Obama tells the OccupyWallStreet protesters that they are the reason that he ran for office. [RNC should run a campaign ad based on this]  Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi tightens her embrace of their actions and their cause.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Mayor Villaraigosa, while tired of the overtime expense to the City caused by the Occupy movement, refuses to follow the example of his fellow liberal Mayors in Portland, Oregon and Oakland, California and order the LAPD to disperse the encampment at City Hall.  Instead, he wants to offer the OccupyLA protesters 10,000 square feet of office space nearby City Hall to use for their base - and will lease them the space for $1 / year. 

In a step as vile as that of the OWS protesters deciding to use banks and cathedrals as latrines, NBC's late late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon and his stage band played a distrubing 'welcome' to his talk show 'guest',  GOP Presidential candidate and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann last night.  As the Congresswoman walked onto the stage, the band seranaded her with the tune 'Lying Ass Bitch'. 

Apparently there's no difference from the lack of class and professionalism demonstrated by the MSNBC pontificators - Maddow, Matthews, Schultz, O'Donnell, Bashir, etc and that by the primary network.  It's no real surprise that the primetime NBC shows and ratings suck as much as those for MSNBC.  If I watched either of those channels, I would boycott them - but it's pretty hard to boycott something that I already write off.

The collapse of Jon Corzine's investment bank, MF Global, continues to get worse and worse.  The trustee appointed to oversea the liquidation of the company is now reporting that upwards to $1.2 Billion of client funds are missing / lost.  This comes from the illegal commingling of corporate and client funds - which regulators missed happening even as the company accelerated down the path towards bankruptcy.  I am wondering not only when the OccupyWallStreet pinheads will march to protest / occupy Jon Corzine's home - but when we will see Corzine's perp walk at One Police Plaza, NYC.

In another example of the misplaced priorities of Congress, and in particular Democrat members of Congress, we have Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) who is introducing legislation not to address the budget and debt crisis, not to address the defense spending cuts, but to legislate that airlines cannot charge passengers fees for checking their bags

Why does this remind me of Nero fiddling as Rome burns?

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