Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick Hits - November 1, 2011

Happy November!

Greek Prime Minister’s decision to call for a binding referendum on the EU bailout package sends shock waves across Europe…Global markets slide significantly

MF Global loses last minute buyer as major discrepancy appears over hundreds of millions of dollars in the firms books…Jon Corzine directly responsible for firms extremely risky EU bond positions…

The new civility in politics as requested by the President last January…Secretary of Labor to Florida Democrat Convention: Obama will take on ‘Teabaggers’…

Smoking gun document ties Federal policy to subprime mortgage crisis…this was the crisis that started the financial crisis / recession of 2008-9.    While the Democrats continue to try to blame the previous Administration for the crisis – it was actually caused by the policies demanded by leading Democrats and the mismanagement of the leaders of Fannie / Freddie put into place by Bill Clinton…including the mistress of disaster – Jamie Gorelick who made tens of millions in bonuses while promoting mortgages to those who couldn't afford them.

Big Peace November 1, 2011 World View…China seeks to establish military bases in Pakistan, Italian bond yields rise above 6%...

And from America's Greece, California brings us a couple of stories for today's Quick Hits....

California Assemblywoman charged with felony shoplifting over taking more than $2,400 in merchandise from Neiman Marcus in SF….she call’s the charges a ‘misunderstanding’…  Oh, and her party?  She's a Democrat...which is why it's not getting more attention by the media.

Then we have this story about one of the President's major areas of 'stimulus investment' - high speed rail... California’s ‘white elephant’ high speed rail program see’s its cost estimates double to $98.5 billion…still no viable economic model for the network.  But they are still committed to build it.  This is change we can believe in.

Wrapping up today's Quick Hits, we have this from the Former Speaker of the House of Representatives...someone that President Obama has defined as one of the top Speakers this country has ever had....Nancy Pelosi: It's Better That People Be Unemployed Than Work In A Non-Union Shop

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