Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quick Hits - November 17, 2011

#OccupyWallStreet's 'Day of Action' is underway...

In NYC, OWS protesters say they will be wearing business suits in order to blend in with real workers as they work to disrupt New York's Financial District.  The NYPD was preparing for tens of thousands to march on Wall Street.  There is a strong police presence in the area.  In addition, the police have deployed barricades and checkpoints where those seeking to enter the Wall Street vicinity must show ID.

Over 100 protesters were arrested as they attempted to jump the barricades and force entry into the Wall Street vicinity.  4 NYPD officers were injured when a protester threw a liquid into their faces.  Another was more seriously injured as a OWS protester slashed his face as violence escalated.

After this a smaller subset of demonstrators decided to charge to City Hall in order to protest outside the offices of Mayor Bloomberg...but rather than going to City Hall, they went to the Board of Education building on Chambers Street and stood outside yelling 'Bloomberg Must Go' until one protester finally realized they were at the wrong location.  Getting their bearings, the group then did go to City Hall to resume their chanting.

The size of the OWS protest was fall smaller than the NYPD anticipated and prepared for.  While some estimates were as small as 500 protesters present, most seen to fit in the 1,000 to 2,000 level.  The following photo is from the blog - JammieWearingFool - showing the Communist World Workers Party members at the Wall Street protest.

Bankers and Financial workers taunted the OWS protesters - "Get a Job!"

In Los Angeles, a larger crowd of OWS Protesters marched from their City Hall camp to the intersection of Figueroa and 4th Street to shut down the intersection.  After this, and joined by their union brethren, the group plans a major demonstration to march on the Wells Fargo Center. 

London OWS Protesters faced a 6pm local time deadline to honor the eviction notices they were served with yesterday or face legal action.  The deadline passed without any direct / physical action by the London authorities.

Big Government has continued to update their 'Rap Sheet' of the OWS movement.  Another very good source for information on the OWS is OWS Exposed.

In addition to the Communist Party USA, the World Worker's Party, and other Marxist / Communist / Socialist groups that are actively supporting and marching with OWS protesters, America's unions are also very heavily engaged.  In Washington DC, some of the country's biggest unions are providing infrastructure and amenities to keep the DC encampment occupied throughout the winter.  I'll have a post later that, in a follow-up to yesterday's post on Public Sector unions, goes into some more details about the union activity with OWS.

The effort to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has kicked off as those who opposed his efforts behind the legislation which removed some elements of collective bargaining from public sector unions in addition to requiring union members to pay a greater share of their healthcare and pension costs.  In this story, the Democrat Party of Wisconsin's website advertised an event to gather names for the petition to force a recall a local cemetery.

The irony of that is DNC Chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz attacked GOP Governors and Legislatures that are seeking to establish and strengthen voter identification laws as working to suppress voter turnout to rig elections in favor of the GOP.  This is the standard whimper from the Democrats - who find it far more challenging to promote voting by unregistered / illegal / dead voters when there are requirements to provide identification when one casts a ballot.  Unfortunately there have been far too many elections where the level of voter fraud was decisive in determining the winner....and almost every case involved a Democrat candidate winning.

Speaking of Democrat corruption, Big Government is reporting that 80% of the Green Energy loans approved by the Obama Administration Department of Energy since 2009 have gone to companies with close ties to Obama's top political campaign donors.

Wrapping up with Big Peace's 17 November 2011 World View, among the key memes presented is information on the new US initiative to increase it's military presence in the Pacific to counter China's massive military expansion / throwing their weight around .

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