Thursday, December 22, 2011

Updates on Occupy Los Angeles

Some updates today on Occupy Los Angeles...

Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa has called for major budget cuts in the City's operating budget to offset the significant costs the City incurred as a result of the Occupy LA protest and occupation of part of the City Hall grounds.  While the full costs to the City are still being tabulated, it is estimated that the total cost is well into the millions of dollars - perhaps even over ten million dollars.

Already cash strapped, additional cuts are needed to balance the City budget and cover costs like the $400,000 in estimate repairs needed to the grounds of City Hall, and the $700,000 in police costs just for the night that the LAPD evicted OccupyLA from the grounds.

OccupyLA has announced that they will be targeting the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, CA on January 2nd for a major demonstration.  Representatives Pasadena, the parade, and OccupyLA have been in negotiations regarding the form of that demonstration - which apparently will be an OccupyLA parade to follow the Rose Bowl Parade which will include floats and appearances by momma moonbat Cindy Sheehan and leftist film maker Michael Moore.
Protesters intend to march with large banners that decry wealth inequality in the United States and to unveil a few colorful "floats" of their own, including a giant people-powered octopus, said Pete Thottam, an Occupy spokesman. The octopus will be made out of recycled bags, stretching 40 feet from tentacle to tentacle, and is designed to represent the stranglehold that Wall Street has on the political process, he said.
Organizers are calling this event the kickoff of 'Occupy 2.0'....

Radio host and commentator Larry Elder writes today in the Investor's Business Daily about the Occupy protests and notes the stunning lack of racial diversity in the movement that supposedly is representing the 99%....
The problem is blacks reject the Occupy movement, but not the party whose values reflect its unifying "victicrat" theme. Yet Democrats and the Occupy movement share a common philosophy. Obama said to the Occupiers, "You're the reason I ran for office."

Both believe in empowering government to address "inequality" by redistributing wealth. Both believe that those who achieve great wealth do so through exploitation, which justifies the claim others make on the money.

The economy of the early '80s saw higher inflation, interest rates and unemployment than during the so-called Great Recession. But unlike Obama, President Ronald Reagan deeply and broadly cut taxes, continued deregulation and slowed down the rate of domestic spending. The result? Black adult and teen unemployment fell dramatically, much faster than it did for white adults and teens.

The real question is not why so few blacks belong to the Occupy movement. The real question is why so many blacks still belong to the Democratic Party.

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