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Quick Hits - December 7, 2011


President Barack Obama delivered a speech yesterday in Osawatomie, Kansas that fully embraced and demonstrated his belief and support for liberal fascism.  In this speech, where the President trebled down on the class warfare meme he started earlier this year, he dives fully into the progressive agenda and spinning major lies, fabrications, and strawmen to his audience.  According to President Obama, the only possible effective solution for our economic and social challenges is bigger government and far greater government intervention in free markets at every level.

The President directly argued for a far larger and more comprehensive welfare state.  He stated his own deep personal belief that the free market, limited government solutions, and capitalism have never ever worked - that the concept of supply-side trickle down economics has never worked - and his agenda is the only solution.  This speech not only reflected the President's true ideological vision that capitalism doesn't work - but could very well have been written by those behind the OccupyWallStreet Movement.

While a number of the class warfare attacks were directed at the so-called 1% - the unnamed 'wealthy', the real target class for this message is America's middle class.  We in the middle class are being asked to support the Obama vision to destroy the middle class.
Obama’s regulatory state is not breaking mercantile trusts; it is driving American companies out of business. And Obama’s regulatory state is not acting in the name of downtrodden consumers; it is being used to force ordinary Americans to adopt unproven but politically favored companies and the technology that they sell. Barack Obama has no business citing Teddy Roosevelt. The two have little in common, other than in Roosevelt’s late career, a misguided belief in “progressivism” and the power of government to solve problems that it ends up making worse.

President Obama also explicitly rejected the Reagan-era “trickle down” economics that brought about unparalleled prosperity for Americans up and down the economic ladder. His hand-picked audience first laughed, and then applauded the president’s open rejection of sound free-market economics.

The president also blamed free-market economics and a lack of regulation for the economic downturn, despite the fact that government forcing lenders to extend mortgages to millions who could not afford them led directly to the economic collapse. If under-regulation is to blame, then the president should single out Rep. Barney Frank and other Democrats for fighting Republican efforts to prevent that collapse. But he didn’t.
Any doubts towards this President's embracement of Marxism / Progressivism / Liberal Fascism were completely erased by this speech.  To the President, 2012 is going to be a referendum on the future direction of this country - will it repudiate the liberal fascism and dominant centralized government control the President advocates or will the country embrace this path and accelerate our run towards collapse.  Depending on the outcome - will this country celebrate it's tricentennial?

Niles Gardiner, writing in the UK's Telegraph about the President's speech, notes quite correctly that President Obama appears to be stuck in a timewarp - that his embracement of liberal fascism and bigger government as a solution is mindboggling.  Gardiner notes that the President is refusing to learn anything whatsoever from what is happening right in front of him in Europe.

Fox Business's John Stossel also notes the willing ignorance of the President to learn anything from the economic crisis that Europe is currently experiencing.  Stossel makes a point that I've made a number of times - that the US is rapidly running down exactly the same path that Europe has.  In fact, not only are we running down this same path under the policies and agenda of President Obama, but within 10 years, one short decade from now, the United States will be exactly in the same place as Greece is today.  (If Obama is re-elected - we will be there before the end of his second term)

In an update by Allahpundit to the Hot Air post on the President's speech, he raises another interesting trait about the President.  In his efforts to promote his agenda, this President refuses to be himself.  Instead, he has to compare and emulate past US President's in order to reach out to the American people.  During his campaign he compared himself to Lincoln and Reagan.  Once he got the 'blessing' from the Kennedy's, it was JFK and Camelot.  In office in early 2009, it was FDR and the need to have another stronger New Deal.  To try to build support for the expansion of the federal government, it was LBJ and a revitalized 'Great Society'.  As the re-election campaign commenced, and seeing much of his agenda opposed by the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, it became Truman and the 'do nothing Congress'.  Yesterday, it was doubling down on the progressivism of Teddy Roosevelt. 

Missing from that list is the last Democrat President to win a majority of the popular vote - Jimmy Carter.   But that is more accurately the effects of the entire Obama first term thusfar - despite all of his efforts to paint himself as one of these other Presidents, when it comes to domestic and foreign policy, the President compares most directly to Jimmy Carter.

Providing more evidence to the fiscal bankruptcy that progressive and liberal fascist policies delivers, the Wall Street Journal observes the decline of two great states, one on each coast, that were major engines for the US economy.  Not only have these two great states declined significantly as a result of their embracement of these failed policies, but the Governors of these states not only refuse to learn from history, but have decided to double down on those failed policies.  Both NY's Andrew Cuomo and CA's

An example of irresponsible government spending? How about the quarter of a billion taxpayer dollars that were spent by Medicare on penis pumps?  Is this treatment more important or a better use of funds than, say, Avastin - which is being stopped for treating breast cancer because of it's high cost?

Concerns over voter fraud are growing as we approach the 2012 election season.  In Wisconsin, where the Democrat Party and Unions are leading efforts to collect over 500,000 signatures needed to force a recall election of Governor Scott Walker, Tea Party groups are calling for volunteers to review and verify the veracity of the signatures on the petitions.  This is work that the petitioners and elements of the State refuse to do.  The initial response to the call by the Tea Party organizations has been very strong.

In Indiana, major investigations are underway, as reported by Fox News, of cases of voter fraud stemming back to the 2008 Democrat Indiana Primary election.  There are now questions if President Obama legally qualified for the Democrat Indiana Primary ballot.  In one county, the President qualified by only 34 signatures, but almost 150 of those signatures are now being reported as being forged.

The former organization known as ACORN has had members in 15 states convicted in supporting voter fraud - via illegal or fake voter registrations.  State level elections over the last 8 years in Washington and Minnesota have ultimately been determined because voter fraud put the Democrat candidates over the top in their races against the Republican competition.  Despite knowing that fraud took place which skewed the results, the results were allowed to stand.

With the greater scrutiny that is taking place to combat rampant voter fraud in the US, the NAACP has started to whine to the United Nations to seek UN assistance to prevent US states from checking voter ID's and taking other steps to ensure that only legal voters are casting ballots - and doing so only once.

In Russia, the former leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev is calling for last weekend's Russian elections to be annulled because of the rampant voter fraud that took place.

Presidential advisor, CNN broadcaster, and useful idiot, Fareed Zakaria is making his case to become the modern day Walter Duranty - an apologist for tyranny - when he responds to the Egyptian election results providing a significant majority for the Islamists by telling Americans that we should not fear political Islam....

In Asia, Chinese President Hu Jinato is urging the PLA Navy to prepare for military combat amid growing regional tensions over maritime disputes (initiated by the PRC) and what is being perceived as a US campaign to assert itself as a Pacific power.

The Eurocrisis continues to dominate the international news.

Greece's bank run continues to accelerate. French President Sarkozy is trying to halt the spread of 'Germanphobia' in France which is coming from the lead of German Chancellor Merkel to 'solve' the crisis.

The German news magazine Der Spiegel has an article commenting on Europe's concerns towards Germany's new-found power. With Merkel locked onto the path of using brinkmanship to get her'solution' for a far stronger central EU government, more and more people are starting to realize that the Euro rescue is based on nothing but lies - that it will not be a solution at all.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, tossed down the largest gauntlet thusfar on the 'solution' - indicating that unless steps are included within the proposed solution to provide safeguards for London, he will veto the new EU treaty.

And that, my friends, brings us full circle back to the liberal fascism endorsed by President Obama. 

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