Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ace of Spades Smacks Ron Paul with Cluebat

Regardless of the hyperventilation that is taking place over Ron Paul's strong poll numbers in Iowa (2nd or 3rd), Ron Paul remains very much on the nutter fringe of the political spectrum.

Ace from Ace of Spades, has a post this afternoon that documents and reminds all of those so frustrated with the other frontrunners / GOP candidates that they would consider tossing their votes for Ron Paul, why that is an incredibly bad idea - because Ron Paul holds some incredibly bad policy positions and has an even worse base of support.
It just so happens his political positions dovetail with the animosities of his old newsletters (which he had nothing to do with, apart from putting his name on the masthead, collecting subscription fees, and signing lots of articles as "Ron Paul," using the pronoun "I" (as in "I, Ron Paul") as the speaker in most missives, etc.).

Another thing I don't believe is that Ron Paul's thick-as-thieves relationship with fringe lunatic crank and Truther Alex Jones is just some kind of coincidence, given that Paul can't seem to stay away from the ghastly paranoid Here's Alex Jones following around Michele Malkin, shouting at her for being a "neocon" (he has referred to her as a "monster" and "Marxist"). One of his little goon squad there shouts "Kill Michelle Malkin!"

When I say Alex Jones is Truther, I don't mean he flirts with it. I mean he says the United States government loaded the buildings with explosives and detonated them.

And that's not even the craziest thing he believes. He happens to believe that this is just one of many attacks on citizens by the global cabal that runs the world.

The global cabal has a plan, you see. His video "Endgame: The Blueprint for Global Enslavement," explains this plan, which is that the Illuminati/Bildersbergers/Whatever We're Calling Them This Cycle of Paranoia literally intends to kill 80% of the world's population and enslave the remaining 20%.

This is why he calls his show "Prison Planet." He literally preaches that the Global Cabal intends earth to be an actual prison planet, 80% of the population eradicated, 20% working in slave camps for the small cadre of Illuminati Masters.

Ace, IMO, is right on the money with his observations regarding Paul and Paul's very disturbing associations and support bases -  Stormfront and so many of the neo-nazi / white supremacist cabal, the John Birch Society, the Truthers and Alex Jones, Andrew Sullivan, those of the von Mises Institute who embrace the neo-Confederate / revisionist history of the South, and of course, the author or co-author of Paul's newsletters, former Paul Chief of Staff, and now head of the von Mises Institute - the idiotarian Lew Rockwell.

As Ace says -
The party can nominate Ron Paul if it chooses. At which point it's none of my concern, as I'm officially out of a party that chooses to wed itself to a neoconfederate, Bircher crank with a long history of dabbling in racial paranoia about "The Coming Race War" and courting fringe lunatics.

That goes double for me....

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