Sunday, December 4, 2011

#OccupyWallStreet Update - 12/4/11

The entire OccupyWallStreet movement seems to be sputtering out as they face challenges with lower numbers as well as being evicted from more cities - like Philadelphia and Los Angeles earlier this week.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that some OccupyLA protesters who were arrested last Tuesday morning are still feeling very traumatized from the LAPD's use of non-lethal force to clear City Hall Park.  The combination of these actions by the LAPD and the fact that those arrested had to wait hours in zip-tie handcuffs for processing has these protesters seeking therapy over the trauma they experienced.

Altogether now...Awwww

The OccupyLA folks were about as considerate and neat as all of the other Occupy groups...
"The city said it collected 30 tons of refuse, from vats of urine to old furniture to discarded food," Assistant City Editor Steve Marble said. "Some of the items that were left behind looked like they were actually personal items that people probably would have taken with them — had there been time. But the city was concerned enough about what was left behind that refuse workers were ordered to wear hazmat suits."
 Accompanying the above story on the LA Times was this LA Times photo...

Some critics of the LAPD and the decision to clean-up the park were upset that some of the materials left behind, like tents, sleeping bags, etc should have been given to the homeless of LA as opposed to being tossed out with the rest of the trash.  Why didn't the OccupyLA people take this step themselves - they had 2 full days after the city's ultimatum before they were evicted - if it was so important for these materials to go to the homeless, they could have done it themselves...but that wasn't their focus until it came time to toss more verbal stones at the LAPD and the City.

With all of the crimes, violence, trash, and other excesses from the OccupyWallStreet movement, one would think that politicians would be distancing themselves from the OWS movement.  Not the hard left politicians of the Democrat Party.  Maryland Democrat Congresswoman Donna Edwards is telling those of OccupyDC that 'It's time for us to OccupyAmerica!'.  That's all the country needs - although one can make the case that the Democrat majority in Congress from January 2009 to January 2011 combined with the Obama Administration has basically done the same to this country...

For all practical purposes, the OWS movement is a 'Dead Movement Walking' - regardless of the efforts of the OWS or their hard left political supporters to continue to promote the movement as a 'grassroots populist uprising'.  What has brought it to that point is not the Mainstream Media reporting, which has been supportive of OWS, but the efforts of the New Media - bloggers - who have done the reporting and investigative work that the Mainstream Media would not do. 

10.  Photo of OWS protester defecating on police car

9.    OWS chant - 'You can have sex with animals' being recorded

8.    OWS protester exposed as Trust Fund baby

7.    NY Times Reporter busted as an OWS activist / organizer

6.    Anti-Defamation League exposes and condemns OWS anti-semitism

5.    Exposure of the number of OWS encampment sexual assaults - against women and men

4.    OccupyOakland protesters threaten reporter with physical assault

3.    OWS "Kent State Moments" that collapsed as 'moments' under New Media scrutiny

2.    The OWS Rap Sheet - particularly when compared to the Tea Party Movement

1.    Exposure of how OWS was astroturfed by unions and political organizations

All of these contributed to expose the OWS movement as a desperate attempt to emulate / steal the popular mandate of the Tea Party Movement - which unlike OWS is a real popular movement against the actions of the hard left in Congress and the Obama Administration.

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