Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quick Hits - January 5, 2011 - UPDATED

President Obama is starting the year off by sending a very clear and unmistakable message to the American people...

An Obama spokesperson started off yesterday with comments about the GOP Primary results from the Iowa caucuses, calling the results a 'clear victory' for the 'extremist tea party agenda' - and that 'whomever emerges victorious in the Republican race will have a dangerous far right platform'.

"According to Sigmund Freud, projection is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one "projects" one's own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else."

In a variation of projection, we also have the crisis theory which has its roots within Marxism.  This proclaims that crisis is in effect the natural state of capitalism, therefore, intervention and centralized control is needed to solve the crisis.  In the Cloward-Piven strategy, embraced by President Obama and most of the modern day progressives, they call on the creation and feeding of crisis in order to bring things to the point where revolution / change results. 

Welcome to the Obama Strategy for 2012 - as it's all about the President and his agenda, not what's best for the country.

Yesterday, the President, supposedly a former professor of Constitutional Law, declared nuclear war on the Congress - and the American people in an unprecedented abuse of power.  By declaring the 'pro forma' sessions of the Senate 'effectively a recess' and ignoring the Dodd / Frank legislation that requires the new Director of the Consumer Protection Bureau to be approved by the Senate, President Obama said Richard Cordray is a recess appointment and transferred the unaccountable bureau into the Federal Reserve.  Later in the day, President Obama, again defining the Congress in 'recess' said that he was appointing 3 new members to the National Labor Relations Board, 2 of whom are ex-union officials, because Congress hadn't approved their nomination which was sent to the Senate on December 15th.

These steps were purely political ploys intended to energize the base (the Obama campaign sent out fund raising letters touting these steps), bypass Congress, and ensure that the agenda of the President is implemented without consideration or hindrance by the checks and balances established in the US Constitution for the balance of power between the three branches of government.  As a 'constitutional scholar', as a former Senator outraged over Bush Administration recess appointments, the President knows exactly what he is doing....and doesn't give a fuck because the ends justifies the means.  Welcome to fascism - as this is a fascist administration.....but remember, as evidenced by their embracing of projection, anyone who opposes them are the 'real' fascists.

The imperial Presidency continued today, saying that because of the debt crisis that the nation faces (and exacerbated by the policies of the President), nearly half a trillion dollars of defense spending reductions are needed over the next decade.  This fits the Administration's mantra of 'leading from behind' and will result in major reductions in both the size and capabilities of the US military - the loss of one or two carrier battle groups, 75,000 - 80,000 fewer ground troops, and major cuts in the countries nuclear deterrent.  This comes from a President and an Administration that spent all of 2011 opposing any real cuts in the nation's other spending - even the modest $100 billion proposed by the 'evil' Tea Party / GOP House of Representatives across the nearly $3.7 trillion Federal budget?

UPDATE - What's more important to the Administration than National Defense?  How about giving Planned Parenthood $500 million in taxpayer dollars - which then used these funds to conduct 329,445 abortions - comprising 91% of the services provided by Planned Parenthood. National Public Radio?  The Department of Energy?  Department of Education?  Department of Commerce?  Doubling the budget of the EPA?

After exacerbating the debt crisis by 4 consecutive (2009, 2010, 2011, and now 2012) years of annual deficits in excess of $1.3 trillion dollars, the first time the US had deficits over $1 trillion, the President demonstrates that decline is not based on destiny - but on choices...choosing to gut our defense and security capabilities at a time when we face major threats on multiple fronts - radical Islamic jihad; Chinese military growth and expansion, Russian desperation, and alliances between Iran and the leftist dictators in South and Central America.

The slashing of the US defense budget is also another political ploy as a major tenant of the progressive agenda has been to weaken the US national security capabilities particularly in favor of expanded entitlement programs - just as the failures in Europe embraced for the last nearly half century.

How has this worked out for Europe?

Their military capabilities are a joke, and their financial conditions are far worse than those in the US - despite our efforts under Obama to surpass them.  Today finds the Euro at a new low after the French bond auction which saw significant increases in their borrowing costs as the French AAA rating remains at risk.  New credit fears and bank instability hammer Euro bank stocks - and Euro banks are parking cash waiting for the next shoe to drop.  Italian bonds yields are back above 7% and Hungarian bond yields soared over 10%.  Only Sweden is providing a model for weathering the recession - by cutting debt / spending, cutting taxes to empower the economy, and reducing entitlements.

The price of oil continues to soar - now at 8 month highs as the Iranians continue to ratchet tensions in the Persian Gulf regime.  The Iranian angst is being directed at the EU today as the EU has announced a boycott of Iranian oil purchases. 

A new wave of sectarian bombing attacks roiled Iraq today - targeting Iraqi Shiite pilgrims.  72 were reported killed and over 100 wounded in the highest toll of lives since the US abandonment of Iraq.

In Israel, tensions are increasing between the ultra-orthodox Jews and less observant Jews.  The zealots are demanding that Israel enact gender segregation - and are attacking women on buses who refuse to move to the back of the bus or girls that they say are dressed immodestly.  These actions differ little from the demands made by the Salafists and Wahibbis

It is a morally vapid argument.  The tyranny of the minority has to be opposed when it crosses all lines and endorses / demands segregation based on race, gender, or religious beliefs.

Returning to the US - Kodak is closing in on a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing as it continues to flail without a viable business model since the collapse of their business core - film and developing / printing photographs. 

Boeing is announcing 2,100 jobs will be eliminated at their Wichita, Kansas facility.

General Motors, faced with major challenges with their electric car / Volt over fires, announced that they sold only 1,529 Volts in the month of December - well below the sales goals set for the car that has 5,000 - 7,500 produced per month.  This cannot be seen as anything other than a very expensive (to GM and the US Taxpayer) flop.

In California, a peer review by a state appointed panel of the California High Speed Network business plan has determined that the plan is completely unviable and needs to be buried.  Despite the scathing denouncement of the plan and a budget deficit of over $20 billion, Governor Jerry Brown insists on moving forward by issuing $6B in bonds to start the $120B project because he accepts the progressive approach that boondoggles like these are 'good' projects for excessive government spending.  This is why California is bankrupt - and why the US is nearly bankrupt.  Notice the pattern?

This Day in History

1895 - The Dreyfus Affair takes place in France - anti-Semitism in France / French military

1933 - Construction starts on the Golden Gate Bridge

1945 - Japanese pilots received first order to become kamikazes - to commit suicide by crashing their aircraft into Allied ships.  During the Battle of Okinawa (April / May 1945), 30 ships were sunk and over 5,000 were killed in kamikaze attacks.

1968 - The Prague Spring begins in Czechoslovakia - culminates in the USSR / Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in the summer of 1968.

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