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Quick Hits - January 22, 2012

The OccupyWallStreet pinheads return to the news inside New York City as they turn on the sympathetic hosts that are providing them with shelter this winter.  The New York Post reports...
There’s no longer room at the inn at a Manhattan church that’s sheltering Occupy Wall Streeters after a holy vessel disappeared from the altar last week.
When the Rev. Bob Brashear prepared for Sunday services at West Park Presbyterian Church on West 86th Street, he noticed parts of the bronze baptismal font were gone.
In a fire-and-brimstone message to occupiers later that day, he thundered, “It was like pissing on the 99 percent.”
In Brooklyn, at another church housing OWS protesters, an occupier urinated on a cross, according to Rabbi Chaim Gruber, who has angrily abandoned the OWS movement.
This can hardly be surprising given the violence, crime, and contempt that is commonly demonstrated by the OWS thugs.  Desecration of religious symbols and sites have taken place in other OWS demonstrations, most notably with OccupyLondon's use of St. Paul's Cathedral as a latrine.  Theft and violence is also commonplace - not only with violence against others, but theft and violence against other OWS protesters.  NYC's Zuccotti Park was the scene of at least half a dozen reported rapes - with many more suspected.  This became so commonplace, that a number of women had to establish a 'safe zone' where protesters stood 7x24 guard to prevent more rapes.

This same person has now been kicked out of the OWS 'Spokes Council' for calling for an audit of the groups finances and how the group is spending the hundreds of thousands of dollars they received as contributions last fall...apparently OWS NYC is almost broke.  One can suppose being kicked out of the council is better than how they treated her last time she raised these complaints - she was sent to the hospital after being hit by another protester wielding a chair and given a concussion.

A 13th body was discovered by Italian search personnel onboard the Costa Concordia earlier today.  Search efforts remain hampered by rough seas and concerns of the vessel shifting from it's precarious position.  Officials are indicating that there are quite possible unregistered (stowaway) passengers were onboard the luxury liner.  The latest body is thought to be one of these unregistered passengers.  If so, this calls into doubt if the official number of those still missing - 20 - is a valid number.

The Falklands War between Argentina and Britain took place 30 years ago this year.  In a classic effort to leverage and focus the attention of the populace on patriotism and nationalism, the Argentinian junta revived claims for these islands to deflect the attention from the challenges Argentina was facing and invaded the islands.  They considered Britain incapable of operating a major military action 8,000 miles away.  It was a major mistake as Prime Minister Thatcher mobilized the nation and the British forces recaptured the islands.

Today, the current President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner sees herself as the next 'Eva Peron' and is actively working to build popular opinion for another effort to capture the Falklands - and leverage the suspected oil reserves off the islands.  The bet is, once again, that Britain will be unable / unwilling to use military force to oppose the taking of their territory.  Expect to see this heat up over the coming year or two - despite the fact that over 70% of the islanders see themselves and prefer to remain British.

Tuesday night, President Barack Obama will deliver a major campaign speech to a national television audience and in front of a joint session of Congress.  In the old days, this speech was known as the President's State of the Union speech.  Today, it's just one of a series of campaign events organized to promote the re-election of the President.

In a preview of the speech given to campaign workers and supporters, the President intends to focus on 'economic fairness' in his speech - saying that the current system in the US is unfair to the 99%.  This continues on the theme established by the President that is based on the Cloward-Piven / Alinsky hard left vision of anti-capitalism, wealth redistribution, social justice, and centralized government control / decision making.

This President, and his ideological comrades, believe that this country is fundamentally broken - that equality is measured in the 'fairness' of the results as opposed to the fairness of the opportunities towards success.  That government intervention is needed to ensure that the marketplace is 'fair'.  They also believe that this country is one that is in decline because of it's embracing of capitalism - and the messy nature of capitalism where results can be 'unfair'.  But what is missed, is that the decision made by the President to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline - funded entirely by private investors and generating nearly a quarter of million direct and indirect jobs - is a decision to ensure that the US is in decline in order to present a better 'story' for the President's claims.

Newt Gingrich scored a decisive victory in the GOP Presidential Primary in South Carolina last night.  Gingrich earned 40% of the votes and bested Mitt Romney by a 12% margin (28% of the vote).  Rick Santorum finished in third with 17% support and Ron Paul finished in fourth with 13% support.

This represented a major turn of fortune for the Former Speaker as going into this week he trailed Mitt Romney by double digits.  The key for the former Speaker's win came directly from his debate performances and his willingness to be openly combative with the mainstream press and President Obama's policies.  While Mitt Romney had 2 of his worst debate performances - stumbling primary on questions directed at him for his hesitation / refusal to release his tax returns - Newt Gingrich received  huge assists from Fox News Juan Williams, ABC News Brian Ross, and CNN's John King to permit him to lash out at the media.  This was the same effect as feeding raw meat to the South Carolina GOP electorate who vehemently dislike both the mainstream media and the progressive policies of the Administration.

Each of these media pundits, Williams with the pathetic use of the race card, Ross and King with the exploitation of Gingrich's bitter ex-second wife, gave Gingrich a boost to use his combative and rhetorical skills to differentiate himself from Romney...think of it as emotion winning over logic.

This was reflected in the exit polls where the deciding factor was Gingrich's combativeness - which was seen as 'electability' by the South Carolina voters.

Fred Barnes highlights this in his summary of the results in The Weekly Standard...
A big idea and passion trump experience. Voters didn’t elect Ronald Reagan because he’d been governor of California. They chose him over President Carter in 1980 because he had a daring plan for reviving the economy and was committed to rolling back Soviet communism.
Romney’s insistence on touting, above all, his years as a corporate turnaround expert at Bain Capital and his understanding of the economy simply don’t cut it in a hotly contested Republican presidential race. Those don’t produce enthusiasm or momentum.
On Fox News Sunday, Karl Rove echoed the same points as those made by Barnes.  He recommends that Romney needs to get the passion and demonstrate the passion that he not only wants to win - he has to win because he has the big ideas needed to confront the President with in the campaign trail post convention.

Monday will see the next of the debates - as the race shifts to the Florida winner take all primary on the 31st.  NBC News will be moderating the debate - and Newt Gingrich is hoping that David Gregory or some other nitwit on the moderation panel will provide him a similar boost to that of Williams, Ross, or King so he can maintain his momentum.

If one was really cynical, one could look at the efforts by the leftard members of the mainstream media and see them as part of their plan to manipulate the 'mob' in order to get a vulnerable candidate to stand against their President. 

With Newt's ideological, financial, and personal baggage coming from ethical scandals, multi-million dollar consulting contracts with Fannie / Freddie, stances on issues around healthcare and global warming that are far closer to the left than the right - he offers a field day for the MSM in a Presidential campaign....particularly since eventually middle America will tire of his rhetorical bashing of the MSM.  Are we willing to bet that the 'anyone but Obama' bloc is so large as to support someone who hasn't run a state or a major business to organize the country and return it to the right path?

Mitt Romney's response to the Gingrich win?  He's announced this morning that he will release his 2010 tax return on Tuesday - calling the delay in deciding to release the return a 'mistake'.  In this, he's allowed himself to be bullied into a no-win scenario by both the MSM and his other candidates who apparently see nothing wrong with proclaiming themselves conservatives and attacking Romney from the hard left on his wealth.
Let's remember to keep our focus on the three goals for conservatives for 2012...
  1. Maintain the GOP Majority in the House of Representatives
  2. Gain a GOP Majority in the Senate
  3. Elect the most 'conservative electable' candidate as the President
From this - there is still a daunting task to undo the damage done by Obama within the Executive Branch.  In particular, this includes removing the progressives that have been installed deep in the Federal bureaucracy who will fight a guerrilla war if they are allowed to remain.
On This Day in History
1901 - Queen Victoria, the longest reigning British monarch (63 years) dies.  Queen Elizabeth II, the current monarch, is the second longest reigning British monarch (60 years).
1905 - The First Russian Revolution begins when Czarist troops open fire on workers marching to the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg to protest Czar Nicholas II....500 workers were killed in the massacre.
1973 - The SCOTUS decides by a 7-2 margin to decriminalize abortions in the landmark Roe v Wade case.
1980 - The Russian nuclear scientist Andrei Sakharov is arrested for dissenting against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and banished to Gorky

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