Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 2012 Campaign Analysis

Let's start off by looking at the record of President Barack Obama through the end of 2011...

The record of this President is one that he cannot run on.  An 8.6% 'official' unemployment rate, a 15.6% 'real' unemployment rate, an annual GDP growth rate in 2011 and 2012 (projected) of under 2%, and four consecutive years of unprecedented annual budget deficits of over $1.3 trillion resulting in more being added in Obama's first term to the national debt than not only the previous Administration did in 2 terms, but more than the first 42 President's of the United States.

Then we have the President's narcissism, arrogance, and contempt towards not only America and the American people, but a particular distaste for those who oppose his agenda.

Starting in mid December, the President has embraced a political campaign strategy to not run on the basis of his record or his agenda, but to project his failures onto Congress - in particular the 'Republican Congress'.  He has threatened to use what he sees are 'his powers' to bypass Congress and enact his agenda and policies regardless of the US Constitution or the checks and balances built into the Constitution between the branches of the US Government.  As President Obama imperially declared the Senate in recess yesterday during a speech in the toss-up state of Ohio, he rhetorically escalated his attack on Congress - to the slobbering glee of the sycophantic media and progressive base...well, most of them...

The liberal publication, 'The New Republic' noted that the Obama 'recess' appointments 'sure don't look constitutional'.  The writer wonders why, since the President is willing to 'go nuclear' with Congress, why didn't he do so earlier and appoint Elizabeth Warren to be the Director of the unaccountable (to Congress and the American people) consumer protection bureau using this same rationale?  Then there are the questions around the justifications of the three recess appointments for the National Labor Relations Board since they were only presented to Congress 3 weeks ago?

These questions from the left are rare.  Which is surprising still given the media's bias.  But how stupid do they think the American people are? 

I doubt most Americans see Congress as being a 'Republican' Congress.  The American people gave the Democrats control of Congress from January 2007 to January 2011.  They saw the actions of the Democrat Congress to damage and impede the actions of the Republican President on key issues - for political expediency- as the President project - 'putting the party before country'.  The American people also repudiated this Democrat Congress and the President in November 2010 with a historical smack down.  Today, we have a Republican majority in the House, but the Democrats still hold the majority in the Senate - but well short of the 60 votes needed under Senate rules to enact cloture.

This Democrat controlled Senate has failed to enact a federal budget for nearly 1,000 days.  Dozens of bills from the House sit unaddressed in the Senate - all to justify the accusations of the 'do nothing Congress'.  The element that is doing nothing is the Senate - and it is doing so on the orders of the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, to facilitate the only meme that Barack Obama can use to run on for re-election.  It is the definition of putting party politics before the needs of the country.  It is also the definition of psychological projection.  Only with a sycophantic media invested in progressivism would this be remotely possible.

The Republicans have their own challenges as they work to deny Barack Obama another term as President as well as getting the 4 Senate seats needed to provide them with a majority in that branch of Congress.

The establishment moderates of the Republican Party are wary of the Tea Party - the grassroots conservative movement that sprung up in response to the actions of the imperial Obama Presidency and Democrat majority enacting a hard core progressive agenda to 'fundamentally change' the United States.  The moderate wing of the GOP is not entirely vested in a strong conservative ideology - one that prefers to compromise, to slow progressivim as opposed to stopping it, and wants to maintain their power - as opposed to letting a grass roots effort have power.  Yet, they cannot deny that the Tea Party was the force behind the 2010 midterm election victories for the GOP even if some Tea Party candidates were woefully inadequate and flawed (O'Donnell & Angle).

The millions in the Tea Party are working to stop the rush towards progressivism.  They seek to restore the US to it's prior values and approaches - individual accountability and responsibility, smaller government, smaller entitlements, lower taxes, strong national defense, equality of opportunity, and a hand up for those who need it as opposed to a cycle of dependency.

The primary battle in the GOP is coming down to who best represents the platform and conservative ideology - and we are presented with candidates who are not perfect candidates.  The primary season is going to be a compromise of the electorate to select the most electable conservative candidate - as well as ensuring that this President has the support of a Republican Congress in order to try to undo the massive damage done to the country by the current Administration.

The progressives, particularly since 2010, are in fear of the Tea Party - otherwise they would not spend their time insulting, denigrating, and marginalizing the Tea Party.  Almost daily we see across the liberal mainstream media bleats like the one in the LA Times today that rhetorically asks 'Is the Tea Party Over' - and then tries to make a case to support that flawed conclusion by their 'analysis' of the Iowa caucus results.

The Tea Party, I believe, is far less focused on the internal GOP fight for the nomination, because the American people who comprise the Tea Party are far more focused on the critical fight - the need to deny Barack Obama a second term and the need to have a conservative Republican Congress there to not only support a Republican President - but as a check and balance to ensure that the Republican President operates according to conservative principles.

This is why the Tea Party is more upset with the current GOP Congressional leadership than with the fight between Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich - none of whom are real 'Tea Party' candidates and 2 of whom are of highly debatable electability. 

Unlike the breathless mainstream media pontificating about Obama, denigrating conservatives, and supporting the progressive projection...Middle America knows what is really happening because they are living it.  They know what is important...and will turn out in November to do the course correction we need while there is still time to make it.  The goal of the progressives is, if they can't reelect the President - ensure that it's too late to change course without massive pain.

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