Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GOP Presidential Primary - Florida - RESULTS

Florida is the first 'big' state - the winner take all state - with 50 delegates going to winner.
The polls close at 8 PM Eastern time, when the last polls in Florida's panhandle close.  Like in South Carolina, the media is able to call the race as the polls close...

Mitt Romney has been called the winner by Fox News - decisively defeating Newt Gingrich.

With 56% of the vote in - Romney had 48% of the vote, Gingrich has 31%.

Finish in 3rd place is Rick Santorum, with 13% of the vote.  Ron Paul finishes in 4th with 7%.

This was a closed state primary - only registered Republicans were entitled to vote today.  While it is a winner take all state, still, 95% of the delegates for the nomination remain available.

From the exit polls data on Fox News...

Among Tea Party supporters, Romney defeated Gingrich 40% to 38%
Among those neutral about the Tea Party, Romney dominated Gingrich 57% to 21%

62% of those who took the exit polls believed the national economy was the biggest issue we face...and 51% of them voted for Romney as opposed to 31% who voted for Gingrich.

24% of those who took the exit polls believed the national debt was the biggest issue we face...and Romney defeated Gingrich by 40% to 34%.

Electability, that is the ability to defeat Barack Obama, was extremely important for 45% of those who took the exit polls - and they believed Mitt Romney was the most electable by 58% to 33%.

33% of the Florida electorate thought Newt Gingrich ran the most unfair campaign - and only 5% of this group voted for Gingrich.  35% thought that Mitt Romney ran the most unfair campaign, but 18% of this group still voted for Mitt Romney.

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