Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BREAKING NEWS - President Obama Says 'NO' to Keystone XL Pipeline - UPDATE

In a stunningly bad decision, but one that was not entirely unexpected as the President has to bow to his hard left environmentalist base, Fox News sources are saying that President Obama will reject the request to build the Keystone XL pipeline which will bring more Canadian oil to the United States.

President's message to Canada and the American people - FU

This decision is irresponsible and wrong on a number of fronts.

With the 'No' decision, the President insults the closest friend and trading partner of the United States.

With the 'No' decision, the President is taking action to not acquire needed oil from a friendly country at favorable prices - locking in our dependence to buy oil from unfriendly nations at prices defined by a cartel.

With the 'No' decision, the President ensures substantially higher energy costs for the American people.

With the 'No' decision, the President turns his back on up to 250,000 direct and indirect jobs being created by the project.

With the 'No' decision, the President has provided China with a new low cost supplier of oil for their economy.

With the 'No' decision, the President has placed party politics and his own re-election ahead of the best interests of the United States.

With the 'No' decision, the President reaffirms his interests to use higher costs and damaging the national economy in order to fulfill his social re-engineering agenda.

Question - Should Canada retaliate in any way towards the snub from President Obama beyond selling their oil to the People's Republic of China?

Or should they just reapply and hope for the best after adding 150km - 200km to the route?

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