Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Start

I've been commenting on blogs and some selected membership / subscription sites related to local, state, and national politics, elections, national security, international relations, and the economy since early 2002.  I started slowly as a way to interact post 9/11 - and ultimately started to comment extensively on LittleGreenFootballs from late 2002 until I stopped going to the site late 2008.  The hard left turn of LGF drove me from the site - although I never flounced or was part of the numerous purges that took place on that blog as it lurched to the hard left.

Since then, I've been adding content and commenting / opining on various topics on several subscription sites, as well as done a number of essays under my real name for some other blogs. 

After some thought, I've decided to start my own blog.  On this blog, I will comment on subjects that both interest and concern me.  I will provide some quick posts using links to some of my favorite blogs in addition to posting some essays that reflect my observations, opinions, and commentary regarding these favorite subjects.

On the right of this blog, you will find a blog-roll of some of the blogs that are regular reading destinations for me.  For many, these blogs may also be familiar stops - and I do add commentary to their posts when comments are allowed. 

I am also a voracious reader / follower of the news - reading / scanning a number of papers from around the world as part of my daily web-surfing habit.  So there may be times when the commentary and topics could be considered a little eclectic.

My schedule may not permit daily postings, but my goal is to try to have at least one substantive post per day.

My handle comes from a nickname that I picked up many years ago - based on a resemblance to a certain character...and my activity in fencing. 

I hope you will find my posts here informative, thought provoking, and entertaining.