Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rioting in Oakland - Link with Updates

Another blogger who started a long time ago on LGF, Zombie, has provided exceptional reporting and photo-journalism on actions of the hard left in California - particularly the Bay Area. 

This is an exceptional report submitted by Zombie on PJ Media covering last night's riots in Oakland. 

These riots occurred as the Occupy sycophants attempted to return to the plaza outside Oakland's City Hall were they camped for several weeks as part of the astroturf movement.

The rioters confronted the police and began throwing rocks, bottles, and other debris towards the police as they charged the barricades in place to prevent the marchers from re-occupying the plaza.  The police responded with tear gas and flash bang grenades in their effort to disperse the rioters.

These photos and videos provide a stark contrast between the actions of the Occupy movement and those of the Tea Party - despite all of the efforts of the media to depict Occupy as being just a left of center mirror of the Tea Party.

Keep checking Zombie's reports for new information...and I will be opining more on the fallacy of the Occupy movement.....and it's links to the extreme left - or as I refer to them, the modern day Jacobins.

As a tease, here are some photos from some of these same groups marching in Hollywood in 2005...

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