Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quick Hits - October 29, 2011

#OccupyWall Street

From JammieWearingFool - Good news re OWS - Only three or four incidents of sexual assault at Zuccotti Park

Zombie Report Alert - The Right to Poo and Van Jones Skepticism: Just Another Day at OccupySF

From Powerline - Occupy St. Paul's   For the first time since the Blitz of World War 2, St. Paul's Cathedral has been forced to close its doors to the public.  This time its courtesy of the Occupy movement.  Powerline has a link / commentary to a story in London's Daily Mail newspaper where one of the Mail's reporters and a photographer visit the Occupy St. Paul's group.

From HotAir - Information and analysis of a Poll taken of OccupyWallStreet participants.
The bad news for the President - 73% of the OWS protesters disapprove of Obama's job performance.  But, looking at the analysis and data in the HotAir post it appears that this level of disapproval is because the President is not governing far enough to the left.  39% of the respondents describe themselves as 'Extremely Liberal' and 33% describe themselves as 'Liberal'.  More analysis at the link.

#OccupyWallStreet - The Rap Sheet of the movement through October 28, 2011.

Other items of interest.....

Embattled Attorney General Eric Holder to testify to Congress regarding the Fast and Furious program on December 8, 2011.
AG Holder finally agrees to return before Congress to testify regarding the Fast and Furious program which resulted in the Administration running over 2,000 assault and sniper weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels where they were used for over 200 murders - including those of an American Border Patrol Agent.  The DoJ has been actively working to cover-up significant details of this program and the AG's past testimony has been far less than truthful.

Mark Steyn: Self Reliance to Self Pity: The Road Now Most Traveled

Victor Davis Hanson - Liberal Indulgences

In a nutshell, our American elites, even if well-meaning with real concern for the less fortunate, have adopted the medieval practice of compartmentalization. Loud demonstrations of general progressive piety exempt one from consistency. Our medieval ancestors could practice usury if they helped repair a collapsed nave or joined a Crusade, as traditional Christianity tried to deal with an imperfect world of important Christians who did not wish to live by their doctrine.

Will Tablet Computers save Newspapers? With very few exceptions, newspapers are experiencing declining subscription levels.  With over double the population in it's marketplace, the LA Times is currently at the same subscriber number levels as they were in the mid-1960's.  Almost all major newspapers are in financial trouble.  Part of this is because of changes in how the people get their news.  Part of this is also because of dissatisfation with the quality (ie Media Bias) of the product they are being asked to purchase.  Can tablet computers like the iPad2 or the Kindle Fire or the Android-based tablets stop the decline of US newspapers?  As a technologist, I will try to answer this question in a future post.

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