Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quick Hits - October 27, 2011

Video Report - What Public Sector Unions don't want us to know - the Wisconsin Budget and Union reforms are working!

Economic Recovery? GDP growth estimated at 2.5% for 3rd Quarter up from 2nd Quarter’s 1.3% Weekly Jobless number 402,000 still well above what’s needed for maintaining pace with population growth...

CNN suggests that President Obama should bypass Congress on the Economy and Rule by Executive Fiat - Hasn't the President already started down this path?

Euro-financial crisis and Occupy Wall Street: More Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme…NOW! - There are clearly common roots between the demonstrations / riots in Europe over the challenges of the Euro-Socialist model and the Liberal Fascists of OWS...

October 27, 2011 World View from Big Peace….Euro Financial Summit achieves 4am Agreement; Paksistan’s ISI supports Taliban terrorists… - I think the latter item is a candidate for today's Captain Louis Renault Award....'I'm shocked, shocked...."

Ann Coulter commentary – "If I Were A Liberal"  - The Fallacy of the Biden Argument on the latest Tax & Spend (or is it Spend & Tax) "Jobs" bill.....

Victor Davis Hanson commentary – "Global Warming RIP"

From the commentary:

While the Obama administration was subsidizing failed or inefficient green industries, radical breakthroughs in domestic fossil-fuel exploration and recovery -- especially horizontal drilling and fracking -- have vastly increased the known American reserves of gas and oil. Modern efficient engines have meant that both can be consumed with little, if any, pollution -- at a time when a struggling U.S. economy is paying nearly half a trillion dollars for imported fossil fuels. The public apparently would prefer developing more of our own gas, oil, shale, tar sands and coal as an alternative to going broke by either importing more fuels from abroad or subsidizing more inefficient windmills and solar panels at home.

We simply don't know positively whether recent human activity has caused the planet to warm up to dangerous levels. But we do know that those who insist it does are sometimes disingenuous, often profit-minded, and nearly always impractical.

Hugh Hewitt commentary – "The Decline and Despair President":  I am reminded of something said often by VDH - that decline is a decision, not a destiny...and this direction is part of the direction President Obama is taking the country.

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