Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Problem About Lying

Once one starts telling lies, for whatever reason, they have set a trap for themselves.  As they move forward, they need to remember the specific lie they told in the past so that when they need to tell it again, they do.

Where criminals / liars get caught is when they can't or don't repeat the old lie in the exact same manner.  All it takes is a single minor variation, and that thread, when pulled, can cause the entire lie to unravel.  And as that lie unravels, so does one's credibility.

Barack Obama, during today's press conference, tripped himself up and clearly demonstrated to all that he's been lying all along regarding the terror attack - particularly with the efforts by the Administration to blame the attack on an obscure You Tube video and a demonstration gone awry as opposed to being conducted by an affiliate of a re-constituting al-Qaeda.

Trying to talk tough, the President warned Republicans, in particular Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, to back off of their attacks on US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, who 5 days after the terror attack, took to the Sunday talk shows to insist that there were no terror connections in the attack and that it was a demonstration turned violent sparked by that You Tube video.

The President continued to put forth the claim that his Administration had no information or idea that the attack was a terrorist attack until over two weeks had past - despite evidence and testimony before Congress that the Administration and key Departments knew it was a terror attack even before the 8 hour long attack had ended - resulting in the deaths of four Americans - Ambassador Chris Stevens, State Department employee Sean Smith, and Security officers Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

Furthermore, the President confirmed today something that was long suspected, but not confirmed by the Administration - that Ambassador Susan Rice made her dog and pony appearances on the Sunday morning news programs at the specific request of the White House.

While admonishing Republicans to 'back off' from attacking Ambassador Susan Rice, who the President said today 'had nothing to do with Benghazi', the President's efforts to spin the events around the September 11 terror attack now raises even more questions...

For example, if Ambassador Susan Rice 'had nothing to do with Benghazi' - why did the White House (ie President) request that she embark on that dog and pony show to push the case that the attack was just a 'spontaneous demonstration' in response to the You Tube video? 

The President also claimed that Rice's comments were simply based on the intelligence briefs she had received - but again, if she wasn't involved, why briefed - and why didn't the brief match the information that came out later that it was determined during the attack it was being conducted by an affiliate of al-Qaeda and an Islamic jihadist organization?

Many, including I, have speculated that for political expediency reasons, the President and his campaign team wanted to diminish or downplay a terror attack being conducted on the US in Libya on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attack. 

At the time, a standard element of the President's stump speech was to highlight the 'success' of the Arab Spring, particularly in Libya where a dictator was replaced by 'democracy', and the weakening of al-Qaeda and Islamic jihadists / fundamentalists in the region as a response to the Obama foreign policy and actions.

Telling the truth about this would reflect that the Arab Spring did not deliver 'democracy' - but replaced secular dictators with radical Islamic fundamentalists who openly supported jihad against the US and West. 

Telling the truth about this would also reflect that al-Qaeda is actively and successfully reconstituting itself in the wake of the death of their leader, Osama Bin Laden, and continuing to engage in terror acts against the United States when and wherever possible.

So faced with this - the President and his team decided to lie to the American people.  Unable to find a credible loyal person to push the lies to the American people on the Sunday morning programs, the loyal Susan Rice was selected and promoted to push the lies by the White House. 

This is the same Susan Rice who is now being touted as the 2nd term Secretary of State - earning herself a promotion for being a loyal soldier willing to lie for the President.

Ultimately, what we have here is just the latest example of the utter callousness and contempt that the President and his team has towards the American people and the integrity of the US Government. 

We already know that the this is far from the 'most open and transparent' US Government ever - as oft proclaimed by the President and his supporters - but at some point, when caught in obvious lies - there has to be a price this President has to pay.

In the case of Benghazi - the myopic view of the Administration to see things how they want them to be as opposed to how they really are and their reprehensible failure to act to assist Americans under attack - cost the lives of four Americans.  Rather than accept the accountability and responsibility fore their errors and failure to act - they decided to spin, obfuscate, and lie.

This is the Administration we will have for the next four years...and these will not be the last lies or lives lost because of their fecklessness.

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