Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quick Hits - November 6, 2012 - Election Day

Michael Ramirez's cartoon for today hits the key points that each of us need to remember as we step into that voting booth today.

Please vote - and do not get discouraged by the Democrat Media Machine which will be doing all it can to shill for Barack Obama and other progressive candidates - including trying to discourage Republican turnout.    

The vast majority of the mainstream media today has no remaining vestiges of objectivity, impartiality, integrity, professionalism, or journalistic ethics.  They do not see their role or responsibility is to provide the objective and impartial first reporting of events for history and information - but as advocates to influence the attitudes of society towards their shared progressive point of view.  They have moved from journalists to propagandists - from pundits to sophists.  There remains very little difference between hard reporting and commentary / opinion analysis.  Unlike opinion writers like me and other bloggers - they try to sell themselves as 'unbiased' and 'professional' - which is laughable.

This is a turnout election - and those shilling for Barack Obama will do all they can to reduce / limit turnout so that their disappointing early voting numbers (down in Ohio by an amount equal to the amount that Obama won Ohio by in 2008) will not punish them.  Throughout the 34 states that have early voting - the Democrat numbers of early voters are down substantially - reflecting the lower levels of Democrat enthusiasm for this election.

Last night, Barack Obama wrapped up his campaign with rapper Jay-Z and rocker Bruce Springsteen in a half empty Ohio arena - a venue he easily packed in 2008.  Meanwhile, Mitt Romney continues to draw huge crowds at each of this stops in key battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, and New Hampshire.  The differences in enthusiasm and excitement cannot be spun - we can see them with our own eyes.

All of the major polls - on a national basis as well as in battleground states, can only generate a 'too close to call' topline if Democrat turnout is at or above 2008 levels and if Republican turnout is below 2008 levels.

That is why I remain confident with my predictions for today.

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