Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bill Maher - We Haven't Had a Better President Since Jimmy Carter

Bill Maher - We Haven’t Had a Better President Since Jimmy Carter

Speaks volumes on this nimrod...

During his appearance on the Conan O'Brien Show, he also pontificated that the 'bullying' prank done by Mitt Romney in 1965 was far worse than reports of Michael Jackson sexually abusing children....
Appearing as a guest on Tuesday's Conan show on TBS, the HBO comedian absurdly suggested that recent allegation of "bullying" in high school by Mitt Romney are worse than being molested by Michael Jackson, and asserted that he would be willing trade being beat up in grade school for being "gently masturbated by a pop star." ...

But as far as this bullying, you know, this made me think of the Michael Jackson situation. Because, you know, he was accused of being a child molester. We'll never know because he's gone, but even his worst accuser never said that he did anything like actually have sex with them. It was grabby, grabby under the covers. Which is terribly wrong.

Which is terribly wrong.

Way to take a stand, Bill!
This is the largest single contributor to Barack Obama's Super PAC - donating $1 million to support the President. 

He's also one of the biggest morons in Hollywood - a real legend in his own mind....

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