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Quick Hits - March 3, 2012

The mainstream media, along with leading Democrats including President Obama, continue to embrace the 'Alinsky rules' in their attacks directed at Republicans over the Obamacare religious mandate ordering religious institutions to provide free contraception, sterilization, and abortafacients to their health insurance holders regardless of any religious objections to these services.

[Alinsky Rule - Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.]

The primary target - Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk radio icon.

The Washington Post offers the following in 'their view' -
IN A DEMOCRACY, standards of civil discourse are as important as they are indefinable. Yet wherever one draws the line, Rush Limbaugh’s vile rants against Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke crossed it. Mr. Limbaugh is angry at President Obama’s efforts to require the provision of contraception under employer-paid health insurance and the White House’s attempts to make some political hay out of the policy. His way of showing this anger was to smear Ms. Fluke, who approached Congress to support the plan, as a “slut” seeking a government subsidy for her promiscuity.
One can feel the hyperventilation taking place as those words were typed...

The issue, according to the mainstream media and Democrats, is all about 'women's rights' to free contraception services without restriction and the trampling of the standards of civil discourse by Mr. Limbaugh.

Welcome to the Kabuki theater of political misdirection.

Standards of civil discourse?  Where were / are these standards when Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin the 'c-word'?  When leftists accuse Palin and conservatives for being the forces behind the Giffords shooting?  When leftists accuse conservatives of wanting to return women to the Dark Ages (and ironically the same leftists make apologies for the Islamic fundamentalists who do want to return women to the Dark Ages).

What is Sandra Fluke really demanding as a 30 y/o hard left activist - that a Jesuit run University and the American people pay for her to have contraception so she can enjoy having sex without any concern of a possible pregnancy as often as she likes while she studies at Georgetown law.  Her 'rights' to enjoy herself supersede the University's rights to not have to provide services that run contrary to their religious beliefs.  Her 'rights' also include the requirement that I pay for her contraceptive supplies...because she can't afford $9 / month

This is not about 'women's rights'.  This is about freedom - and in particular religious freedom.  Bill O'Reilly made this point exceptionally well in his 'Talking Point Memo' opening his program, 'The Factor' last night...

BOR asks, 'Why should we pay for someone else's activities?' If we are to pay for Fluke's sexual activities, shouldn't someone else pay for his sports activities and equipment? After all if he doesn't have the right equipment, he may get injured and that will cost more than the preventative equipment.

The issue remains one about personal accountability, personal responsibility, and freedoms - for religious organizations to not have to fund actions that run contrary to their teachings and the regulation of all other freedoms to fit the progressive ideology.

General Motors has announced a five week halt of the production of the Chevy Volt and is laying off 1,300 workers because of slow sales, over-production, and excessive vehicle inventories.  The car is basically a failure - both with the marketplace and technically.  In real use, it rarely gets more than 25 to 30 miles range under electric power - and it's gasoline mileage is nothing to write home about.  In fact, overall, this $41,000+ car (not including heavy government subsidies) gets less mileage than a Toyota Prius hybrid which costs over $10,000 less - even after the government's $7,500 tax credit is factored in.

What was the most ironic aspect of the GM announcement?  This 'promise' by President Obama -

Or that Government Motors is blaming the media for the poor sales performance of the Chevy Volt?
"GM blamed the lack of sales in January on “exaggerated” media reports and the federal government's investigation into Volt batteries catching fire, which officially began in November and ended Jan. 21," the Ann Arbor (Mich.) News (actually, it's at -- Ed.) reported.
In another example of trying to define the meme away from reality, President Obama doubled down on the statements of Secretary of Energy Chu made earlier this week that the focus of the Department of Energy and the Administration is not on lowering soaring gas prices, but on reducing the country's dependency on fossil fuels and encouraging conservation.

President Obama is touting that conservation boosts the national economy...
“We're not just preserving our land and water for the next generation, we are also making more land available for hunting and fishing, and we are bolstering an outdoor economy that supports more than nine million jobs and brings in more than a trillion dollars a year,” Obama said Friday evening at a White House conservation conference held at the Interior Department.
The challenge is that this doesn't face the reality test.  North Dakota has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country - due primarily to the rapidly expanding oil and gas production that is taking place on private lands.  In California, thousands of farms are now part of a dust bowl - with tens of thousands unemployed, because of Federal laws and judges that prioritize water towards the Delta Smelt - a fish that may or may not be threatened - over the farms and agricultural industry.  Not only this, but this President has announced that he will veto a bill moving through Congress that will restore water supplies to California's Central Valley.

British Petroleum and plaintiffs over the lawsuits around the Gulf oil spill have reached a $7.8 billion settlement.  The settlement includes medical consultations for 21 years for those with spill related health claims and $2.3 billion to resolve economic loss claims related to the Gulf seafood industry.

A string of violent storms and tornadoes devastated a number of small towns in Indiana and Kentucky.  The above picture shows some of the destruction caused by a tornado that struck Henryville, Indiana.  35 are confirmed killed in the series of storms - and the death toll is expected to increase as searches continue for survivors amid the rubble.

Rick Santorum, still fuming over the Michigan GOP decision to assign both Michigan 'at large' delegates to Mitt Romney, is facing a new delegate challenge in Ohio.  The Santorum campaign failed to turn in delegate names in three Ohio congressional districts, and turned in incomplete delegate slates for 6 other Ohio congressional districts - which could result in his being ineligible for 18 of the 63 Ohio GOP convention delegates (out of 66 total Ohio delegates) to be determined on Tuesday's primary.


Santorum is fighting to close Mitt Romney's lead in delegates - and this will not help him in that effort.  It's indicative of a fundamental organizational problem in the Santorum campaign - similar to the problems his campaign had in Virginia where they failed to turn in sufficient signatures to qualify for that state's primary ballot.

The Syrian government continues to bar the Red Cross from entering Homs as reports of additional evidence of government atrocities filter out from the region.  Syrian activists are also reporting thatthe government is continuing to conduct heavy artillery bombardments of several civilian districts in and around Homs.  Little remains being done by international organizations or other countries to stop the carnage being waged by the Assad regime.

The Syrian government has finally handed over the bodies of 2 journalists killed by a government artillery and rocket attack on Homs over a week ago.

On the day that the 'Merkozy' European Union fiscal pact was signed that provided additional powers to the EU bureaucracy to crack down on EU member states that breach budgetary targets, Spain has announced that it will breach the current targets in 2012.  Spain says that they will be unable to contain their national budget deficit for 2012 to 4.4% of their GDP - and will exceed that limit by over 30% with a projected deficit of 5.8% GDP.  (For contrast, the projected US 2012 deficit of $1.4 trillion is about 8.8% of our GDP.)

Early returns from the Iranian parliamentary elections are showing that Islamic fundamentalists strongly supportive of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei are leading in the vote.  These results are hardly surprising as the leaders of the real opposition parties to the theocratic rule remain under house arrest.  Additional concerns exist of a repeat of the election fraud that took place in 2009 are also underway - with Khamenei's supporters pressing his candidate over those of Ahmadinejad who had power clashes with Khamenei over the last several years.

The big question around this election is if they will result in another popular uprising and demonstrations like those that occurred after the 2009 elections - and were brutally suppressed by government and irregular forces loyal to Khamenei.  If so, will President Obama take the same hands-off approach towards these demonstrations as he did in 2009?

Today marks the first information I've seen about the next Andrew Breitbart "BIG" site to be launched - with Big Education to be launched in April.  The goal of this site beyond continuing the work of Andrew Breitbart is to 'expose the radicals who have taken over our public education system'.  This will be a great addition to Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, and Big Peace - all of which should be daily reads for all conservatives.

On This Day in History

1845 - Congress, for the first time in US History, overrides a Presidential veto

1918 - Bolshevik Russia signs a separate peace with the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey) abandoning the Allied war effort and granting independence to its Polish and Baltic territories, the Ukraine, and Finland.

1931 - President Herbert Hoover signs bill making 'The Star Spangled Banner' the official national anthem of the United States

1953 - The Supreme Court of the United States upholds a NY state law that prohibits communists from teaching in public schools.

1974 - Turkish Airlines Flight 981, a DC-10, crashes into a forest outside of Paris, France killing all 346 people on board.  The crash was caused by the poor design of a rear-hatch door and negligent maintenance by the airline.  McDonnell Douglas, the manufacturer of the DC-10, later recalled all DC-10's to refit a new rear-hatch door and related locking mechanism.

1991 - The beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles Police Department officers was captured on video tape.

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