Saturday, March 3, 2012

LIberals and Taxing the Rich - It Goes Deeper Than Just This

Tigerhawk highlights Michael Barone's excellent take and observations on Liberals and Taxing the Rich: 
ABC’s Charlie Gibson asked candidate Obama if he would raise capital gains taxes even if, as in the past, that brought in less revenue to the federal government.

Yes, said Obama. “I would look at raising the capital gains tax for purposes of fairness.”

Ponder that answer for a moment. A candidate for president — president now — said he wants to take more money from people who earned it even though doing so would produce less money for the government.

The philosophy that has to be behind that answer is also behind the Obama administration budgets that have proposed capping the charitable deduction for high earners. The clearly intended result would be a massive transfer of money from the voluntary sector of society into government.

Tigerhawk adds this commentary:
- Opposing Barack Obama on the last point is especially important: If we destroy the uniquely American propensity to do good works through private organizations, we will alter the character of the country forever. Not only will we have concentrated even more power in the central government, but we will have specifically undermined one of the principal mechanisms by which we bind our communities together -- charitable, civic, religious, and other voluntary groups that do good works.

Here Here, well said.

Think about this mindset - as it is not just limited towards taxes either.

In the Obamacare mandate directed at religious organizations, the Administration is directly attacking private charitable organizations like Churches to force them to undertake actions that run completely contrary to their religious beliefs and teachings. These fundamental beliefs, and their freedoms to act in accordance to those beliefs, is to be subjugated to the ideological beliefs of liberal fascism in the name of 'fairness' and 'rights'.

But in these cases, 'fairness' and 'rights' are entirely subjective. These words only apply in the strict limitation of adherence to the progressive ideology. Outside of that, then they words hold no meaning or force. 'Fairness' and 'rights' don't apply to religious institutions who wish to opt out of government mandated policies that run contrary to their values. 'Fairness' doesn't apply towards the 'wealthy' where the top 10% of income earners already pay 70% of the total federal income tax bill.

'Fairness' and 'rights' do not apply to private charitable organizations - as according to the left, the government is far better suited to provide the solutions and assistance than these private organizations which may not fully embrace the 'values' of the government. 

And in an additional example around the emptiness of the liberal use of 'fairness' and 'rights' - some private charitable organizations are more 'fair' than others, with more 'rights' than others particularly if they kow-tow to the progressive ideological viewpoint. Think of the kerfuffle between Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Planned Parenthood when the Komen Foundation decided to stop providing funding for Planned Parenthood. The outcry from the left over the decision by Komen completely ignored the rights of the Komen Foundation to have freedom to decide to whom they will fund or donate to.

This is the fundamental change that President Obama promised - the remaking of this country away from its traditional values - values which grew this country from it's poor start in 1781 to become a beacon for the entire world.

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