Friday, March 9, 2012

CNN's Soledad O'Brien - Unprofessional, Biased, and Clueless

Several conservative bloggers and websites highlighted the incredibly unprofessional, biased, and clueless interview of Breitbart Editor in Chief Joel Pollak yesterday by CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien. 

O'Brien was interviewing Joel Pollak over the release of a video showing a Harvard Law Student, Barack Obama, promoting and defending the actions and statements of the racist Harvard Professor Derrick Bell. 

The interview:

During the interview, O'Brien is extremely dismissive and saracastic towards Pollak and the video which was hidden to protect Obama during his 2008 campaign - and demonstrates that she knows little of Bell's 'Critical Race Theory' - only being able to parrot what a producer reads to her about 'CRT' from the first lines of the Wikipedia entry on 'CRT'. [Quite ironic - that her producer considers Wikipedia a valid source of information. Almost all Universities and colleges specifically warn their students that Wikipedia is insufficient for being used as an academic source of information.]

Then it comes out that O'Brien and her producer couldn't even get that aspect entirely correct in their selective reading of the Wikipedia entry - which was, as Ace of Spades demonstrated, then edited to support / provide cover for O'Brien.

As Joel Pollak notes, "Derrick Bell was the Jeremiah Wright of academia" - in addition to being a racist, he was also an American hating marxist who was just one of a number of mentors and admired teachers of Barack Obama who also were American hating marxists...
Bell's tirades against racism were really against classism. In 2007 he intimated to a Southern Illinois University professor that he saw "value in Marxist and other writings." Like Marx, he argued that capitalism creates a racially polarizing battle over property, and that the cure was wealth redistribution. To that end, Bell proposed an "equality" tax on business profits.

In 2002, he told C-SPAN that America is racist because it's "built on property." He complained that our free market "increasingly puts some people at the top of the economic scale and most of the rest of us at the bottom."

So here we have yet another anti-capital class warrior as role model for Obama.

Over his entire adult life, through his academic, legal and political careers, the president has lived in a theoretical bubble divorced from reality. His mind and psyche have been marinated in radical academic notions and conspiracy theories that insist upon hatred for capitalism and the American way of life.

Is it any wonder his agenda is so anti-American?

Yet, based on her own past history and commentary, as released by, Soledad O'Brien was / is a huge fan of Derrick Bell even though she has no clue that his Critical Race Theory is all about white supremacism - holding that all civil rights laws are ineffective, racial equality is impossible, because the entire legal and social foundation of the United States is based on white supremacy and by default racist / subordinates non-white people.

An effort to revise Bell's history?  Or an effort to marginalize and dismiss a formerly hidden video that shows the President strongly supporting and endorsing the reprehensible positions of Derrick Bell?

Given the effort by O'Brien to marginalize Joel Pollak and the video as nothing, if it is nothing, why is the media, as evidenced by O'Brien, pushing back against it and so hard?

We know in 2007-8, major elements of the mainstream media failed to do their jobs to vet Barack Obama in a manner similar what they subject GOP candidates to.  These elements subscribe to and support the hard left progressive ideological view that is embraced by Barack Obama and many of his key and closest advisors and Administration officials.  People like Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Stephen Chu, Elizabeth Warren, Valerie Jarrett, Arne Duncan, and Eric Holder to name a few.  They share a common thread towards embracing those like Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, William Ayers, Derrick Bell, Jeremiah Wright, and other anti-American marxists who believe the country is fundamentally broken and therefore needs 'fundamental change'.

Organizations like are pledging to do the vetting that the media will not do  - and to hold the media accountable for their actions to either defend the President or misrepresent the President's record.  The tape of Barack Obama is one of those efforts - and now it's time to expose a partisan hack like Soledad O'Brien.

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