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Quick Hits - August 11, 2012

Late Friday afternoon, word started spreading that GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney would name his running mate at 9AM EDT Saturday at a Norfolk, Virginia event - using the USS Wisconsin, an Iowa battleship that is now a museum, as a backdrop.

Speculation immediately started, given the venue and backdrop, that Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the Chair of the House Budget Committee, and architect of the House Budget plan, would be Mitt Romney's selection for Vice President.

Overnight, various news organizations went with this announcement.  For example, the local CBS affiliate in Los Angeles, during their 11PM PDT broadcast, basically named Paul Ryan as the choice.  Other's like the Associated Press and NBC also made similar claims based on information from knowledgeable insider sources - but shortly after 9AM EDT, the news was official.

In a 'slip of the tongue' reminiscent of Barack Obama's 2008 announcement of then Senator Joe Biden being his choice for Vice President, Mitt Romney introduced Paul Ryan as the 'next President of the United States' - before gracefully correcting himself.

Almost immediately, progressive and Democrat pundits attacked the pick - and Paul Ryan.

Two usual Barack Obama sycophants from 'The Hill', Niall Stanage and Amie Parnes, wasted little time in slamming the pick, noting that 'Dems gleeful of Ryan choice' and cast him as a 'radical hardliner'.

At a Philadelphia, PA union rally earlier today, the Chair of the Democrat National Committee, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Labor Thug-in-Chief, Richard Trumka, both launched attacks on Paul Ryan telling 40,000 union members that Ryan would 'end medicare as we know it' and attacked his budget plan, which got substantially more support in Congress than President Obama's, as 'giving tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires' - reinforcing the class warfare meme of the Obama campaign.

MSNBC's moronic host, Chris Hayes, falsely named the 7 term Congressman, Paul Ryan, as the 'deciding vote' for the Medicare Prescription Drug program...

...apparently, and unsurprisingly clueless that the measure passed the House of Representatives by a 220-215 margin which included 16 Democrats who crossed the aisle to support the measure.

A vapid writer for the New Yorker, Ryan Lizza, notes in his article over the pick that Paul Ryan is apparently 'too inexperienced' to be the Vice President - with 'no significant private sector experience'.  Just how much 'significant private sector experience' did Barack Hussein Obama bring to the table, Mr. Lizza?  Was it during his time 'working for the enemy'?

On the former MSNBC website, now called just NBC News, the 'First Read' segment embraces their inner 'we work for the Obama campaign' self and writes - 'Obama gets to run against longtime target'.

Which prompts me to remind those nimrods to be careful what you wish for...

Highlighting this are two classic tweets from the brilliant 'Iowahawk' who has noted...

Paul Ryan represents Obama's most horrifying nightmare:  math...

and 'You know what will end Medicaid as we know it?  Medicaid as we know it.'

The thin skinned Barack Obama has a strong personal dislike towards Paul Ryan - based on how Ryan utterly demolished him in public during the spring 2010 'Health Care Summit' when Obamacare was being debated....


as well as other times when they have gone head to head...with the usual result of Ryan getting the better of the Ideologue in Chief.

Another one who has been utterly destroyed by Paul Ryan in a debate on fundamental issues is the current Chair of the Democrat National Committee, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz - (although this is about as difficult as winning a cogent debate against 'Clueless' Joe Biden....

Then there is the Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, who is completely 'pwned' by the Chair of the House Budget Committee when testifying before the Committee - ultimately left sputtering to Paul Ryan - '..We don't have a definitive solution....We just don't like yours....'

More Ryan that is completely foreign to the progressive mindset - 'Leaders are supposed to fix problems.'

Columnist Charles Krauthammer, referencing the selection of Paul Ryan to be the GOP Vice Presidential nomineee, 'Change is now on the side of the Republicans'...

Contrast this to White House Press flack, Jay Carney, who when asked by FNC's White House Correspondent, Ed Henry, can't explain what happened to Barack Obama's 'Hope and Change' campaign of 2008....

Analysis:  The pick of Paul Ryan is a superb choice by Mitt Romney.  My personal first choice was Florida's Marco Rubio, with Ryan being my personal second pick.  My fear was a Rob Portman or Tim Pawlenty pick which would do little to fire up the GOP in a manner reminiscent to 2010.

The selection of Ryan brings a person who is admired by almost all real Tea Party supporters and those who embrace traditional American values and understand the importance that we are running out of time to take real steps to address our fiscal and government challenges.  He is a cogent, articulate, and strong debater on the these issues and unafraid to suggest and promote 'change' to the status quo and or the progressive agenda.  These steps include bold steps to remake Medicare, and likely Social Security, to revamp these very troubled programs, bring them into the 21st century, and ensure their continuance in a manner that will not bankrupt the United States.

During the nearly 9 months of this blog, one topic that I've pressed is related to the major reform and change that took place in Wisconsin under Governor Scott Walker, and strongly supported by Paul Ryan, to address the fiscal irresponsibility of progressive government and their partnership with public sector unions.  Paul Ryan campaigned and actively supported these reforms in Wisconsin - and has been able to reach out to Wisconsin independents and convince them that these ideas, ably implemented, work.  He has the background and skill to ably implement these - while making the compelling and cogent argument that these are the right steps we need to also address our challenges on a national level.

Just as he 'pwned' Barack Obama in the 'Health Care Summit', with a calm, logical, articulate, and factual argument - he will do the same throughout the rest of the campaign.  A 'Jack Kemp' style approach will bring back memories of the Reagan Revolution and bring the Tea Party movement solidly into the Republican Party.  This combined with his ability to reach to independents - will make a difference in November.  My optimism over defeating the Obama/Biden ticket in November has increased significantly.

Here are some excerpts of this morning's speech by Paul Ryan after he was announced as the Veep by Mitt Romney... well as, courtesy of The Weekly Standard, his full prepared remarks....

Speaking of public sector unions and the massive influence that unions have on corrupting our political process, here are two interesting items to consider...

First, from the Heritage Foundation, comes information that in 4 states in the union, labor union officials and union members have specific exemptions from their anti-stalking / anti-threatening laws.  Illinois, California, Nevada, and Pennsylvania exempt labor union officials and members from steps that would result, if one of us did them, from arrest and prosecution.  Why?

Here in California, the role of labor unions, in particular public sector labor unions, in damaging the fiscal condition of the state while enriching themselves, has put California into the position where one of the few chances we have left to 'save' our state, is the passage of a state-wide ballot measure to invoke Wisconsin-style reforms including restricting their ability to deduct funds directly from member paychecks and use those funds on political campaigns.
The biggest threat the unions face this November is a ballot initiative that would restrict their ability to deduct money from workers' paychecks to spend on politics. The initiative, which has already made the ballot, is backed by former Secretary of State George Shultz and Stanford physicist Charles Munger Jr. (who also bankrolled a redistricting initiative in 2010). It's also been endorsed by former state Senate majority leader Gloria Romero—a Democrat.

Union members could still voluntarily contribute to union PACs, but the unions couldn't garnish wages to fill their war chests. Were the initiative to pass, unions would have much more difficulty thwarting pension and other reforms at the ballot box.

Labor groups spent nearly $90 million to defeat similar initiatives in 1998 and 2005, which they claimed were aimed at silencing the unions. Both ballot measures lost by about seven points. However, the unions may have a tougher time killing this year's initiative. Public opinion has turned against government unions in large part because taxpayers are being asked to sacrifice more and more to preserve generous public retirement benefits.

If California voters hope to stand a chance of reining in such benefits and fixing their dysfunctional state, they'll have to break the government union political monopoly this November.
By the way, let me one of the first to congratulate you on the purchase of your brand new 2012 BMW M3 sports sedan....

The catch?  You don't get to drive it - you just bought it with your share of the U.S. national debt, so, here's one more thing that you can thank President Barack Obama and his 'fundamental change' plan.  This 'change' - you pay for it, but don't actually get it.

How's that hopey changey thingy working out now?

By the way, the selection of Paul Ryan is energizing the GOP - through about 3:30PM CDT, the Romney-Ryan 2012 campaign has raised over $2 million - well on their way to the $3 million fundraising goal.

Wrapping up today's QH - the American Future Fund already offers a campaign advertisement touting Paul Ryan and 'America's Comeback Team'...

Today in History

1934 - Alcatraz, a new high-security penitentiary located on a 22 acre rocky island 1.5 miles offshore in San Francisco Bay, receives the first of its 'most dangerous' federal prisoners.  Before the end of August, more prisoners would arrive, including the infamous Al Capone.  The prison would operate until it was shutdown as being very outdated in 1963.

1965 - Racial tensions reach a breaking point in the predominately black Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts - as a riot breaks out after two white policemen scuffle with and arrest a black motorist suspected of drunken driving.  The riot would last for 5 days and leave 34 dead, 1,032 injured, nearly 4,000 arrested, and  $40 million in property destroyed.

1984 - During a voice check prior to his weekly radio address, President Ronald Reagan, fires up the left around the world when he jokes - 'My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that outlaws Russia forever.  We begin bombing in five minutes.'  The left immediately went bonkers attacking Reagan for his statement, which was not broadcast, but leaked after his normal broadcast.  The release had no negative effect on Reagan's reelection campaign.

1994 - The longest work stoppage in major league baseball begins as major league players walk off the job. The 1994 World Series would be cancelled, the first time in 89 years there was no fall classic or World Series champion.

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