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Quick Hits - December 4, 2012

The fecklessness of the Obama foreign policy, particularly regarding the Middle East, is seizing attention today.

In Syria, which the President's team is handling 180 degrees different than it handled the popular uprising against a rabid dictator in Libya, signs are starting to appear that could reflect the regime of Bashir al-Assad is on its last days - after killing over 40,000 Syrians in the last 20 months.  Fighting remains heavy in the suburbs of the Syrian capital of Damascus - and the Damascus International Airport has been intermittently shut down.

Opposition fighters are using newly supplied (from Libya?) portable anti-aircraft missiles to shoot down Syrian attack helicopters and jets flying close air support missions for the Syrian army.  Signs are being detected that the Syrian military is either starting to relocate elements of their large stocks of chemical weapons or more ominously preparing some of these weapons for use in a last ditch effort by Assad to remain in power.  Rumors are that Assad's people have been reaching out to Cuba and Venezuela to explore those countries as being hosts for his possible exile.

The US and NATO have both issued stern warnings to the Syrian regime that any use of chemical weapons in the current conflict would be crossing a 'red line' - and imply that such a step may precipitate a military response.

Meanwhile, from all information, it appears as if the primary elements of the Syrian opposition are forces linked with radical Islamic jihadists - including a resurging al-Qaeda in Iraq which has been rebuilding itself since Barack Obama yanked US forces out of Iraq.  Not only has the group been increasing their terror activities in Iraq, but it is also establishing operations in Syria - and threatening to do so in Jordan.  [So much for the President's inept claim that al-Qaeda is on the run - it's becoming one of the major regional forces since the US pulled out of Iraq.]

Conditions in Egypt are continuing to deteriorate in the wake of President Mohamed Morsi's unprecedented power grab - where he gave himself near dictatorial powers to push the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  Immediately after emasculating the Egyptian courts, the sole remaining 'check and balance' for his efforts, his Islamist allies rammed through a new Egyptian Constitution which supports the power grab and embraces Shari'a law as the basic legal process for Egypt.

On top of locking Shari'a into to the Egyptian Constitution, the new Islamist Constitution also eliminates the right of free speech in Egypt, the equality of rights for women, and restores the legality of slavery throughout the country.

Tens of thousands of Egyptians, who oppose the radical Islamists, have taken to the streets in Cairo - including massive demonstrations at Tahir Square.  During one march - the demonstrators approached and drove President Morsi out of the Presidential Palace.

Unlike during similar demonstrations protesting the regime of the former Egyptian strongman, Hosani Mubarak, the Obama Administration and WH has remained silent over not only supporting the 'will of the people', or freedom, but also in denouncing the power grab launched by Morsi.

Why the difference in actions between Morsi and Mubarak?  Between Libya and Syria?

How can the Obama Administration remain silent over a Constitution being rammed down the throats of Egyptians that eliminates free speech, women's rights, and RESTORES SLAVERY?

Feckless, naive, and incompetent describe the Obama Administration's approach to foreign policy.

But these traits aren't just the purvey of Barack Obama when it comes to foreign policy.  Large elements of the State Department also embrace these same traits.

In the Wall Street Journal, a former US Ambassador to one of the 'stans, noted that he had to fight several times with officials based in Washington DC who were insisting on reducing the security protection for his Embassy, his staff, and himself because of budgetary concerns being raised by Administration bean counters.  This is exactly the same moronic decision making that the late Ambassador Chris Stevens had to deal with - as the security for US diplomatic facilities in Libya were reduced because that country had become 'save' in the wake of 'democratic' elections and the rise of Islamic organizations - including a surrogate of al-Qaeda.

There are some 'professionals' in the State Department that make a career on being incompetent and testing new bounds of the Peter Principle - including one who is still rumored to be on the short list to replace SecState Hillary Clinton - Susan Rice.

Susan Rice's record of feckless incompetence dates back to the 1990's and her stint during the Clinton Administration as an Assistant SecState for Africa.  In her role, she actively supported the rise of some of central Africa's biggest and most violent thugs.  She campaigned during the Rwandan genocide to not only prevent any US humanitarian intervention to end the genocide, but actually pushed to encourage the Administration to not use the term 'genocide' in any description of the Rwandan violence as use of that term would politically damage the Clinton Administration.  Rice also performed in a similar manner as millions died in the Democratic Republic of Congo - advocating that the Administration do nothing.  Finally, Rice was also the strongest advocate in the Clinton Administration against US efforts to provide HIV / AIDS and Malaria medication throughout the continent - saying it would only enrich US pharmaceuticals.  How many died before President George W. Bush overruled this inept policy and spent billions to assist the region?

Yet, despite this record of incompetence - the progressive nimrods in the media continue to push for her to become the next SecState - and attack conservatives who continue to demand accountability by Rice not only for her past actions, but specifically her role to lie to the American people and provide political cover for the Obama Administration in the wake of the Benghazi terrorist attack which killed the US Ambassador to Libya, a State Department official, and 2 State Department / CIA security officers in an 8 hour attack on September 11, 2012.

Ruth Marcus, one of the WaPoo's more moronic columnists, took to the editorial pages of that paper to invoke the 'Fake, but accurate' meme in an effort to provide cover for Susan Rice.

This is just the latest effort to protect Rice by attacking and defaming those who call Rice out for her dismal record.  Protest Rice, and one is called a racist and misogynist.  Yet these same nimrods who toss these pejoratives were silent as liberal progressives smeared Secretary of State Condi Rice - calling her a 'house nigga' for President George W. Bush.  Racist?  Absolutely - but in the mindset of the looney left, it's legitimate because Condi Rice is a conservative and worked for a Republican.

If not for double standards, they would have no standards whatsoever.

Anti-Israel and anti-Christian hard left 'journalist', ABC's Christiane Amanpour, aka Mistress Death, is going to be hosting for ABC News a 2 part primetime special about the history of Israel and the Bible.  I'm sure that there will be no bias or hatred in this - right?  In reality, I expect this to be about as objective, unbiased, and accurate as Oliver Stone's History of America [Showtime] ....which is neither objective, unbiased, or factually accurate.

It's that time of season again - the annual 'War on Christmas' being waged by the liberal fascist progressives - in their efforts to demonize and marginalize Christianity and it's role in defining some of the traditional core values of the United States.

Bill O'Reilly, on The Factor, is, once again, jumping into the front lines to fight against this war...

Many liberal progressives deny that they are waging a 'War on Christmas' or ridicule efforts like those of BOR to call their efforts to marginalize Christianity and Christmas a 'War'.  But this is part and parcel of the liberal secular progressive attacks on Christianity and core US values for decades.

For example, in Santa Monica, CA - a Nativity scene has been displayed in Palisades Park for decades.  However, in the last few years, Atheists have attempted to block the display of the Nativity scene in the public park citing the provisions of 'separation of Church and State' - and claiming that the display reflects an endorsement of Christianity by the local government.  In an effort to come to a 'fair' resolution - the City permitted others to also place Holiday season displays - representing not only other faiths, but also the viewpoint of the Atheists.  Those viewpoints were basically open attacks on Christianity and Christian beliefs as opposed to advocating atheism.  Then the atheist groups attempted to crowd out the religious displays.

Finally, this year, as they commenced their latest attack on the Nativity Display, they admitted what was obvious to all - that their intent is not for 'fairness' or having all faiths / beliefs on display - but eliminating the display of the Christian faith.

That's right - tyranny of the minority.  They are offended by Christianity and insist that their right to not be offended trumps the rights of others to see a Nativity display.

BOR interviewed several days ago a leading US atheist on his program - and the arrogance and mindset of this tyranny of the minority comes through...

The 'War on Christmas' is just one front of the basic 'War on Traditional American Values' that has been waged since President Woodrow Wilson.

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