Monday, July 30, 2012

Mitt Romney is deal with the MSM

Mitt Romney settled in the day before the Olympic Opening Ceremony for an 'in-depth' interview with NBC New's Brian Williams.

To get a gauge on the interview, the usual festering hotbeds of extreme progressivism, Huffington Post and the Democratic Underground, were whinging over the 'softball' questions that Williams tossed towards the presumptive GOP Presidential nominee.

But what was most interesting in this interview were the answers of Mitt Romney - which continued to demonstrate that he is might not be the reserved, quiet, boring evil businessman that the left is portraying him as.  In fact, Mitt might actually have a sense of humor and timing as he, about 9 minutes into this interview, embraces his inner Newt Gingrich and hit's Brian Williams with a classic 'zinger'....

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Williams, quoting an unnamed Republican official who, according to the lefty site Politico, has official knowledge of the Romney campaign's search and vetting process for a Vice President candidate, said that the campaign is looking for 'an incredibly boring white guy', and asks Mitt Romney to comment on the Politico report.

Without missing a beat, and with a perfect deadpan delivery, Romney's response was, 'They told me you were not available....' to which Williams could only reply, 'Touche' as Romney chuckled. Mitt Romney then went onto to say the obvious, 'I can't given you anything on that front whatsoever'.

The zinger made it's point to Williams - and seems to reflect Romney's increasing comfort with the campaign and dealing with a generally hostile press.  It's not Ronald Reagan zinger level - but it's a big step towards that direction to disarm the hostility with a laugh / zinger.

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