Saturday, June 16, 2012

Investigating Voter Fraud in Wisconsin Recall

Gateway Pundit has this story on investigating voter fraud in the Wisconsin recall election earlier this month...

Soon after the election, Breitbart News, also, reported on evidence they received of “potential voter fraud, ballot insecurity and unethical activity on behalf of the community-organized Left in Racine, Wisconsin”. Their evidence revealed:

• Residents were enticed to vote in exchange for a free meal;

• Video of open ballot boxes with ballots dropped on the floor;

• Reports of ballots being torn out of the ballot machines and ripped up;

• AFL-CIO vehicles displaying recall placards, with megaphones playing a recording of Jesse Jackson telling residents of targeted poor neighborhoods to get to the polls;

• Reports of “electioneering” inside the polling places;

An election observer saw the same woman vote three times at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center polling place; and

• Election observers receiving threats of physical harm.

Now, there’s more.

According to the MacIver News Service, election documents have been discovered in a dumpster outside one of the polling locations. The Sheriff for Racine County is now investigating.

A Racine County Sheriff’s Department official confirmed to the MacIver News Service that it is investigating the discovery of discarded election-related documents in the city of Racine.

Captain Thomas Lamke from the Racine County Sheriff’s Office responded to our inquiry and confirmed an investigation was ongoing. The department provided no other comment on the matter.

According to a source familiar with the allegations who wishes to remain anonymous, multiple voter registration forms were discovered, including mostly-blank forms that had been pre-certified by an election official.

'Pre-certified' by an election official? These are blank forms already signed by an election official to promote voter fraud.  Where are the arrests?

And the left says that voter fraud isn't a problem?

Let's also add to this list - to attend an Obama speech or fundraiser....

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