Friday, April 6, 2012

Outlook for the 2012 Campaign

"The campaign is underway and it could be the dirtiest in the nation's history" - Bill O'Reilly

I cannot disagree with this at all.

This could be one of the last chances for the progressive / hard left ideology in the US to maintain power in order to 'fundamentally change' this country - to 'redefine the relationship between the American people and the Federal Government' in a manner that erodes freedom, liberty, and the concept of limited government.

Already in this campaign we are seeing all stops being pulled by the Administration and their ideological partners to:

  • encourage and faciliate campaign finance fraud
  • encourage and facilitate voter fraud
  • manipulate media / tapes / facts to promote and encourage racial politics
  • blatantly lie, mispresent, and distort data and facts to promote a pro-Administration meme
  • a complete double standard towards conservatives and progressives
  • Domestic and foreign policies defined and determined by politics / political factors
  • those who put politics and what's good for the party ahead of what's good for the country
  • a willful ignorance and contempt towards law and the Constitution
  • a willingness to damage the country in order to support a political meme
  • a willingness to savage and demonize those who speak out against the Administration

We thought 2004 and 2008 were bad?  Or the 1800 Presidential contest?  or the 1860 Presidential contest?

This will be worse because the stakes are so high.

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